Ten on Tuesday

…the one with all the ‘there’s an app for that’ ;o)

Bee at Clermont 2010

Bumblebee in the garden at Clermont (look at this one bigger if you can, it’s pretty awesome if I do say so myself)

This week, our fearless leader has suggested a list of our favorite iPhone apps.  For me, the hardest part of this list will be narrowing it down to 10 15.  ;o)

1.  Evernote.  This isn’t just an app, it’s the other half of my brain.  The half that remembers everything.  Seriously – it’s an app, a web app, a puter app, etc.  If you see something you want to remember (like a book at B&N you’d like to borrow from the library), you take a picture of it, add it to Evernote and it makes any text in the photo searchable.  I have all my current knitting projects in it in .pdf form so I can see them on the puter or on the iPhone.  I also have wedding notes in there, notes on stuff, photos of fabric that I need to remember the names of, etc.  So awesome.

2.  Dropbox.  Also a desktop/iPhone app.  I use this to keep my ebook collection synced with Calibre – I also use it for knitting patterns.

3.  Paypal.  It’s not just for checking your balance, either.  ;o)

4.  iPOS.  I use this to keep track of what bags I have in stock so I don’t sell one too many hedgehogs.  ;o)

5.  P Tracker.  Helps me keep track of…well, ‘girl stuff’.  This helps a lot at the doctor – she asked me a question last week and I actually said, “oh!  I have an app for that!”

6.  TweetDeck.  This app syncs with my desktop Tweetdeck app so I don’t have to re-read two hours of tweets to figure out where I am.

7.  Shopper.  This app lets me make a shopping list that I share with R so when he’s out, he can check if we need anything from the store.

8.  TextPlus.  I use this (free texting!) app to text R to remind him to check the Shopper list.  ;o)

9.  Facebook.  Doesn’t really need an explanation, does it? ;op

10.  XBMC Remote.  This is for controlling my Home Theater PC (it’s pretty cool)

11.  TouchMouse.  (also for controlling the HTPC – you didn’t expect me to stop at 10, did you? hehe)

12.  Wallet Zero.  For all my shopping cards.

13.  JotNot.  For taking photos of business receipts that I then add to Evernote for tax time.

14.  KnitBuddy.  To keep track of my knitting projects – has a counter, etc.

15.  About 20 games, too many to list here!

There’s my list!  Do you have an iPhone?  A favorite app?