Ten on …Wednesday?

I guess I’m running a day behind – sorry about that, folks!

Moody Neopolitan - Pre-Spa

First, let me thank you all for your positive response to my little tutorial!  I knew I had something when I explained the whole clockwise/counterclockwise thing to my knitting group and they all looked at me with little light bulbs popping up over their heads.  ;o)  I’m glad I could help out some fellow spinners!  Plying from a center pull ball just makes sense.  If you do a little planning, you could even try to match up colors, by imagining that your bobbin is split at the halfway point.  If you rip your top in half before spinning, one half will be one side of the yarn single and the other half is, well, the other half!  I try to do shorter repeats of the color on one half of the bobbin and longer on the other half, just to break things up.

I could ramble on about that for hours – so I’ll leave it there and move on to:

Ten on Tuesday…on Wednesday. ;o)  This week, our directive is 10 Favorite Cookout Foods.  I’ll do my best…

1. Italian Pasta Salad (my own name, my own thing, throw some pasta, some onion and sweet peppers, a variety of Italian meats like prosciutto, some cheddar and Italian dressing into a bowl, toss and voila! salad fit to bring to a pot luck.)

2.  mmm…Ribs!

3.  Hamburgers – of course!

4.  Sausage with peppers and onions.

5.  I’ll have a hot dog but only if it’s a Hebrew National one.  I don’t like eating pig tails – among other things.  *shudder*

6.  Almost anything stuck on a stick and put on the grill – we’ll do steak and veggies with rice pilaf in the summer.  Love it!

7.  Corn on the cob!  We have to wait a while for ours since I’ll only do local corn.

8.  Strawberry Shortcake – with sweet biscuits.  Can I just say I’m getting hungry? ;o)

9.  Berry Buckle (I think that’s what It’s called?) – I pick raspberries and blackberries from around the yard, throw ’em in a dish with some sugar, drop biscuits on top then bake it.  R won’t touch anything with berries in it so when I make this?  It’s all MINE!

10.  Fresh lemonade – does this count as a ‘food’?  Ohwell…I like to put vodka in mine.  ;op

There’s my list!  Tell me, do you have any favorite cookout foods?

The yarn up there?  Oh that’s some cashmere/merino I spun from top I bought from here.  It hasn’t had a bath yet, photos of  post-spa treatment soon! ;o)