Ten on Tuesday…

…the one with all the reasons.

New Hampshire

This week, our directive for Ten on Tuesday is Ten Reasons to Participate in Ten on Tuesday.  Ready?

1.  Good blog fodder

2.  Makes you think a bit more deeply on subjects you didn’t think you’d ever think deeply about (for example, this week’s topic…is hurting my brainz)

3.  You learn a bit more about the people who are participating.

4.  Did I mention blog fodder?  Hmmm…

5.  A good way to post a photo that you wouldn’t normally post.  ;o)  (that one up there is from R’s boy weekend last week.  That stream?  was almost underneath their cottage it was so close)

6.  It gets you talking more about subjects you normally wouldn’t talk about.

7.  Blog fodder?

8.  Sometimes the topic will get you thinking about stuff you haven’t thought about in a long time – last week’s post reminded me of the Myth books so I added them to my Goodreads queue (which is about 200+ books at this point but who’s counting?)

Okay it looks like I’m throwing in the towel at 8 – I tried, folks but this one was a hard one!

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If you are interested in joining along with our motley crew, Carole has a sign up form for the weekly emails on her blog.