Ten on Tuesday…

…the one with all the ways.

Knitting at a Car Show

This week, our directive is ’10 Things you Like About Where you Live’ so, let me count the ways:

1.  I am surrounded by beautiful scenery.  The Berkshire Hills are amazing, even during mud season.

2.  I live in the country, one out of four seasons it’s quiet.  Ohnevermind, the tourists are here all. the. time. (or at least it seems that way!)

3.  If I want to be a tourist myself it’s very easy.  Tanglewood?  30 minutes.  Bash Bish Falls?  I could walk there.  Stockbridge and the Red Lion Inn is 30 minutes, Jacob’s Pillow is an hour away.

4.  This is one of the places where the celebrities come to ‘hide’.  If I wanted to break the code?  I cold tell you where J*mes T*ylor’s house is, and Yo Y* Ma, and Meryl (because R has installed kickass stereo systems in them).

5.  Most of my neighbors are ‘weekenders’ which means it’s nice and quiet around here from Monday – Thursday.  ;o)

6.  I’m surrounded by history.  Moby Dick was written 30 minutes from my house, the man who sculpted Lincoln for the Lincoln memorial lived two towns away, so did Edith Wharton.  Not to mention that I’m within six degrees of separation from Norman Rockwell (my ex’s grandma was his nurse).  Crazy, right?

7.  I have at least three yarn stores (not counting a Joanns) within an hour of me.  Okay so the closest one I won’t step a toe into on principal but I can (and do) go to Colorful Stitches in Lenox from time to time (ohyeah, R installed music there too.  He took photos of their basement for me to drool over, hehe)

8.  Fall.  I love when the trees change and the air smells all crisp.  I already mentioned the Berkshire Hills, they are *amazing* in the Fall!

9.  I have a nice big yard – this means I can have a veggie garden, a rose garden, a shade garden and still have almost an acre of grass for the dogs to run.

10.  While I hated it as a kid, now I love the small-town-ness of where I live.  I love that people honk when they go by my house and I love that the owner of the restaurant in town checks with my friend to see if we’re walking that afternoon because it’s Wednesday.

Okay that’s my 10 – what do you love about where you live?

The photo?  R dragged me to a car show on Sunday so I was amusing myself with my current sock-in-progress.  There’s another car show on Saturday and I’ll be bringing the wheel – along with some pointy sticks for when I get stabby after too many stupid questions.  ;o)