Ten on Tuesday…

…the one with all the crispy goodness.

Hoops at Wiawaka

This week, we have been directed to come up with a list of 10 Reasons You Love Bacon.  I’m going to do my best…ready?

1.  It’s crispy

2. and salty

3. What else would you eat with your eggs?

4. or on your bacon egg and cheese sandwich?

5. or under your eggs benedict?

6. or in your BLT?

7.  Somehow a little bit of it on a Caesar salad makes it less like diet food.

8.  Baconnaise! (no not really, just said that to freak Jess out, hehe)

9.  It can provide much amusement for your fellow diners when you pull your bacon out of your BLT and wave it around to show how not-crispy it is (HolyKnitBalls, I’m lookin at you ;op )

10.  After four days of crappy breakfast while on vacation at a place that includes breakfast/lunch/dinner in the room fee, finding out that bacon is on the menu on the fifth day makes everything okay.  (they did away with bagels for budget cutbacks.  BAGELS. With no warning so I couldn’t bring my own!)

Okay that’s it for my list!  Is anyone else hungry?

The photo above is of my hoops at WOOL!  I’ll be posting about my weekend soon!