Ten on Tuesday…

…the one with all the snacks.

This week, our directive is 10 Favorite Snacks – since snacking seems to be one of my hobbies, this should be pretty easy!

1.  Popcorn – I’m not supposed to eat it because of all the dental work but I just can’t stop.  I throw two handfuls and a drizzle of oil in a paper lunch sack, microwave for two minutes and voila!  Quick, easy and none of those lovely chemicals I can’t pronounce that are in the microwave stuff.  ;o)

2.  Tic Tacs – I know they aren’t a snack but I eat them to survive when the blood sugar dips

3.  Fruit Leather/Fruit Strips whatever you want to call it, I try to get the mostly fruit, nothing weird kind

4.  Cheese Puffs – I actually cannot buy a large bag of these, I can only get the snack kind because I’ll sit down and eat the whole. thing.

5.  Same with Doritos.

6.  3 Girl Scout cookies and a cup of tea

7.  Greek yogurt with a bit of granola

8.  Yogurt and grapes or apples

9.  Cheese & Crackers

10.  Pringles – the Dill Pickle flavor is a personal favorite

I know there are more but I’m stopping at 10 – what are your favorite snacks?