Ten on Tuesday…

…the one with all the stuff I did last weekend.

This weekend our directive is ‘Ten Things You Did Last Weekend’ – ready?

1. Signed up for Rhinebeck Bingo!

2. Sewed bags.  The shop is reopened AND my bags will be in The Spinning Room Booth #A25 at Rhinebeck!

3. Drove to Lake George to pick up the t-bucket.

4.  Bought three bolts of interfacing at Joanns (awesome sales this weekend!)  I love when I do that, I get the weirdest questions from the person at the fabric cutting table.  This time I was asked if I was making a quilt.  I almost said yes, a HUGE quilt! hehe

5. Had my parents over for dinner on Sunday – it was Dad’s birthday!

6.  Celebrated my first wedding anniversary! (yes I know, I still owe you guys a wedding post!)

7.  Went out to dinner with my husband (see above). ;o)

8.  Ate year old cake! It was WAY better than I expected!

Year-old wedding cake!

yes, that says ‘wedding brie’ I was pretty tired when I wrapped and labeled it last year and, well, it looks like a half round of brie!

9. After eating year old cake, danced around the kitchen like an idiot with R to our first dance song:

10. After eating year old cake and dancing around like an idiot, I went and sewed more bags (because my boss? is such a bitch. ;op )

Hope you all had a great weekend!