Ten on Tuesday…


…the one with all the stuff in my car. ;o)

654 yards of handspun - which will become a Beithe - iPhone included for scale ;)

This week’s directive is: “10 Things You Keep In Your Car” Ready?

  1. Newman’s Own Organic Ginger Mints – I have terrible motion sickness, ginger helps.
  2. Motion Sickness Bands – I like the Psi Bands, I’ve worn my pair on 2 long trips (Wyoming and Indiana) and they’ve worked both times
  3. Sunglasses!
  4. Emergency Seatbelt Cutter/Window Breaker – I am married to a fireman ;o) In fact, there’s probably a neon yellow coat in the back of my car just in case.
  5. My travel sock knitting in a SbJL project bag! (I can’t believe I didn’t think of this until number 5)
  6.  Jumper cables!
  7. Charger for my iPhone/iPad
  8. This time of year, an ice scraper is always handy
  9. Small canister of WD-40 – my Jeep is 10 years old, there’s always something that needs WD-40 these days
  10. Dowel to hold the hood up if (God forbid) I need to look under there for any reason (see above, 10 year old hydraulics don’t work so well!)

Okay that’s my list – what do you keep in your car?

(that picture up there? That’s what’s up next on the needles. 8oz of handspun Blue Suede Shoes destined to be a Beithe. The iPhone is included for scale so you can see that the ball of yarn is almost as big as my head!)