Well, that was…interesting

My blog is definitely in the ‘what the hell is she doing, it’s dead but she doesn’t want to admit it’s dead’ stage, so I don’t really get a whole lot of emails with “jessalu knits” involved.

Except for Saturday. Saturday was an email shitstorm.

The first one was from my hosting company at about 2am – “we’ve had to shut you down.” I won’t quote the rest, there isn’t room enough in the whole internet.

What happened? This:

In less than an hour. To give you some perspective, my SbJL blog has seen 261 malicious login attempts in 8 years (see how dead my blog is? the high point in June is 6 hits. 6.) I’m not sure what someone wanted with my somewhat dead knitting blog, but now I’ve learned new things and have security plugins that will hopefully keep this from happening again. Thanks for eating up my Saturday, unknown bot.

In happier news, I’ve been sewing a few things ;o) The summer limited editions will be going up sometime this week – possibly even today, if I can get my act together!


I’ll announce the listings on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, so be sure to follow me there for shop upates!