Happy New Year!

…and, this blog is not dead yet. It’s on life support, sure, but I do think about writing a post here and there and sometimes (like now), I actually write something. Let’s see if I hit ‘publish’ when I’m done ;)

2018 was crazy busy for me and SbJL and I continue to be amazed and grateful that so many people love the things I make as much as they do – 2019 is starting out with a new show added to my schedule (it’s in Lowell on February 2…something about a cheese market and the fourth floor, I’ll post more details as I get them ;) ) and also beginning with the need to be a little more organized so I’ve been purging clothing and kitchen gadgets like a crazed woman. Both my daughter and the local donation spots are beginning to look nervous whenever I contact them lately, since I’ve been getting rid of so much stuff lol

think that has to be it for now, this may not even publish because I keep getting a red banner with “UPDATING FAILED” across the top of my screen which is super helpful to the writing process ha ha

P.S. Finally got it to publish after shutting off all plugins – yay WP 5.0?