Stick a Fork in March…

Charade Socks

Charade Socks Up Close

Charade Socks Really Up Close

I almost finished these in March – they were done at 12:30something am this morning!  Woo!


Pattern: Charade [Rav Link]

Yarn: Shibui Sock in ‘Pebble’

Needles: Knitpicks 1.5 circs using Magic Loop method

Time: uuuhhh  Three weeks?  I KNOW!!! Considering it’s tax season (see previous post) that’s a minor miracle right there.  Maybe I should call these my Tax Season Miracle socks, hehe

These are warm and squishy and I love them lots!

Up next…who knows?  I have to pull another bag.  No Cookie, we don’t get a month off!  lol

p.s.  Have you heard about this?!  RR has been informed that we will no longer be waiting to purchase a BlueRay player.  I don’t care how much they are and I don’t care that we don’t own any BlueRay movies, even just owning this ONE will make it worth it for me.

Yep I’ve been knitting too…

…I haven’t been making screaming progress on my current pair of socks but I have been making steady progress.  Here is where I’m at on the second sock as of Sunday:

Charade Socks

Maybe, just maybe I’ll finish this pair by the 1st.

Yeah right, I’m also expecting the monkeys to fly out of my butt at any moment…*sigh*

I’m liking this…

…sock club thing.  ;o)  I picked my March bag and am pretty darned happy with it:

Personal Sock Club 2009 - March

Charade pattern [rav link] paired with Shibui Sock in ‘Pebble’ (I think…all it has on the band is a number but tLE had it listed as a colorway and I’m pretty sure it was pebble…)

As soon as I have five minutes I’ll get them on the needles!  Have a great weekend, everyone!