What am I doing for SOS 08?

Why, sewing box bags, of course. ;o) You know, in order to be a productive SOS sock knitter, you need a pretty bag to put the sock *in*.

Prior to leaving for our overnight camping trip, I decided that I absolutely had to have a new project bag. Didn’t matter that I needed to pack a camper or air out a camper or check to see if a camper was registered (it wasn’t, but that’s another story for another day), I needed a bag and I needed it right. now.

My first attempt was a bit on the wonky side:


Please ignore the computer desk mess…

I didn’t notice how wonky until after I had cut off the excess fabric from boxing the corners which means…there’s pretty much no fixing this bag.  This is how it’s going to look until I have a sewing epiphany and figure out how to make it less…special.

My second attempt came out way better:


See?  No wonky-ness.  This is the bag that I’ve been schlepping since Friday – it even went to Six Flags on Monday.  Want to see what’s in it?

Well…you’ll have to wait.  ;op

p.s.  Thank you for all the lovely birthday wishes!  This has been the best year by far between Plurk wishes, blog wishes and Ravelry wishes.  You all made my day  :o))

Oh yeah, Knitting…

…I do that.

I wanted to share what is currently at the top of the WIP heap:

Elfine Socks

Elfine’s Socks [raveled] knit in Shibui Sock – I’m up to the ankle and having a helluva time getting the pattern to fall into place. Right now I’m two stitches off and ready to light the entire pile on fire. Good thing I like the Shibui too much to torch it – although, I will be making things go boom on Friday and I will have a flare in hand and who knows? Something might slip… ;op

Tessarae Socks

I’m also working on a pair of Tesserae Socks [raveled] in Sereknity Options superwash. This colorway is ‘Vineyard’ and I am totally in love with it. The pattern is working out well, too. These socks have nothing to worry about. ;o)

Both of these projects are my current contributions to Summer of Socks ’08 [rav group].  I’m actually knitting socks this time around and not just helping read blogs!  Yay!  hehe