Tour de Fleece…

…#majorfail.  *sigh*

To catch you up, I set out to spin all my Spunky Club fiber that has been sitting in my stash since 2007.  Roughly 15 packages of 4 oz of fiber (one 2 oz of merino/tussah tencel).  I wanted to empty this bin:

Tour de Fleece 2009 Goal

I did not empty the bin.  In fact, I am willing to swear that bin has some kind of magical regeneration properties because the level of fiber in the bin never seemed to get any lower.  Seriously frustrating.

I spun?  Seven.

Tour de Fleece Final Results

If I have to only count the skeins that were finished and plied then I spun five.  It’s more fiber than I’ve ever spun in that space of time, though, if that counts for anything.  ;o)  Want a list?  Okay…

Party Dress – 236 yards – 4 oz

Aspen – 120 yards – 2 oz

Acadia – 266 yards – 4 oz

Pie for Everyone – 246 yards – 4 oz

Rose…something – 312 yards – 4 oz

Think Spring! – ? yards (not plied) – 4 oz

Mud Season – ? yards (not plied) – 4 oz

My totals are 1,180 yards of plied yarn and 26 ounces of fiber total.

Okay maybe not a #majorfail but I definitely fell short.  ;o)



…the one with all the spinning.

Sick of bags yet?  Yes?  No?  Either way, today you get my spinning from the past three days:

Three days of spinning

From Left to Right, Mud Season, Rose…something (no tag, got it from Amy at Cummington last year) and Think Spring!  There’s still a heckuva lot of fluff in that bin though, something tells me that I will not be reaching my TDF goals this year.  However, I have made almost 50 bags in the past week and a half so if it weren’t for Sock Summit I probably would have come a lot closer.  I still have two days left though…anyone have a time turner I can borrow?

I took the photo on the iPhone, not sure if I like what I did to it to make it all dark and gloomy… ;o)

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Ten on Tuesday (and some TDF spinning)…

…the one with all the Favorite songs of the 80’s:

1.  Anything by Prince.  I must have driven my ‘rents nutso with all the Raspberry Beret singing…

2.  Anything by Michael Jackson.  I literally wore out the grooves in my ‘Off the Wall’ and ‘Thriller’ albums (back in the day when they were ‘albums’ and had ‘grooves’ heh)

3.  Anything by Madonna – ohman, I worshipped that woman in my teen years…I had the rubber bracelets, the lace headband, the lace gloves, the teased hair…

4.  Anything by Cyndi Lauper – there was a period when I wanted to BE her – and we shall not discuss the horrible kool aid+hair incident.

5.  oooo Blondie.

6.  Relax by Frankie goes to Hollywood

7.  Fight for your Right by Beastie Boys

8.  Tainted Love by Soft Cell

9.  Anything by The Cars

10.  Anything by Billy Joel

I just opened up the iTunes and now I could go on and on… ;o)  What are your faves from the 80’s?

Here’s a TDF quickie:

Tour de Fleece 7/12/2009 - Acadia

(another iPhone picture – I’m still amazed at how good the pictures on the new phone come out)

Colorway: Acadia, 266 yards 2-ply, sport-ish weight

You may want to come back tomorrow…big doin’s!  HUGE!!  I can’t wait to tell you but I *have* to wait!  Let’s just say it’s a gift for you AND me!  ;o)