Weekends are for…

…spinning. At least, mine was. I spent most of Saturday and part of Sunday finishing up two hanks of roving that had been sitting in my ‘half done’ pile for way too long.

First up, I turned this:

Handpainted BFL

4oz of BFL from a vendor at Rhinebeck (Jazz ate the band so I have no idea who or what color it actually is – Kelly bought the other hank so she might be able to help…?)

Into this:

Rhinebeck BFL

268 yds of Navajo plied fingering weight.

Then I turned this:

oops I don’t have a ‘before’ photo…sorry!

The June 2007 Spunky Club offering of 4oz of BFL in ‘Tulips’ into:

Spunky Club - Tulips

190 yds of center-pull ball plied sport weight.

Regarding the center-pull ball way of plying, I found a new use for my Will Taylor lazy kate – since it has upright posts for the bobbins, it worked perfectly for my center-pull ball. I popped the ball right on one of those posts and voila! No need to get all tangled up in the ball while plying (until I reached the end and the ball wasn’t heavy enough to stay put on its own).

I also realized that I hadn’t put up all of my handspun into my Ravelry account so I dug up photos of this:

BFL - Rose Garden

4.4oz of BFL ‘Rose Garden’ bought on Ebay and spun into 618 yds of two-ply lace weight. This was completed October 30, 2006.

As usual, I don’t have a plan for any of these so they go into the basket! ;o)

Also, for those (like me) who are missing their weekly dose of Austen now that the series has ended on PBS, Jane Austen Today has a survival guide for you. ;o)

Yo Bloglines ! Can’t talk…

…Christmas is coming.

Remember this?

Merino/Silk 'Cranberry Bog'

Well, now it looks like this:

Merino /Silk

Fiber: 4oz of Merino/Silk found at Rhinebeck 2007

Navajo plied to 274 yards of DK-ish weight (RR has decided this is the heaviest yarn I’ve ever spun)

As soon as it’s dry, it will magically and instantaneously assume the form of an Xmess gift. ;o)

The timing of this project was perfect since last week Cynthia and I decided to get together for some Holiday spinning at a Starbucks in Avon, CT (about halfway between us). We freaked out the muggles for a few hours and she learned to Navajo ply. It was a great day – and she was doing a great job with the plying, too, considering we were sitting in what was possibly the busiest Starbucks on the East Coast.

Taking over Starbucks - Next, the World!

I’ll leave it up to her to post pictures of her yarn (especially since I didn’t take any photos of it). ;o)

A Road Trip and some Spinning…

First let me say one thing. YAY SOX!!!!

Okay I’m done.

Last Monday, RR had a day off so we decided to take a short day trip to Vermont for apples, possibly some wine and to see the views:

No Parking



I know, more autumn color, are you guys sick of it yet? …moving on.

I also wanted to share a photo from the Fire Department’s Steak Dinner that took place last Sunday:

Hotties at the Steak Dinner ;o)

(the guy on the Left is RR) …finally, I did a bit of spinning this weekend:

Spinning !

That’s it for now! Hope you all had a great weekend!