It’s Heavenly…

…to knit with handspun.  I had forgotten.  ;o)

I needed something simple to knit for WOOL, something I could carry around with me and take out to keep my hands busy while waiting in line for meals or sitting at the table or sitting in the living room area when spinning wasn’t doing it for me.  I thought and thought and couldn’t decide what pattern would work…

…then I saw the basket.  I grabbed a skein of handspun:

Isle Caribe - Merino

wound it up into a ball, grabbed a pair of #3 needles and stuck the whole mess into one of my project bags.  I cast on for a toe-up sock on Thursday afternoon and by yesterday I had this:

Isle Caribe Sock in Progress

Not bad for a weekend’s worth of knitting.  ;o)  I’m totally in love and want to knit more and more with my handspun!

p.s. The shop is open after being shut for my weekend away!

I crissed…

…instead of crossed.

On Saturday, I picked up my Knotty Gloves for the first time in quite a while.  I’m at the point on the first glove where you’re done with the thumb gusset and are about to start the fingers.  I slipped it on to admire my lovely cabling and noticed a slight problem.

Knotty Gloves - over not under

The cable that’s at the very tippy top of the knot?  Is going over when it’s supposed to go under.  Crap.  I know that it’s not something that will jump out at the average person and I know that it’s not even something a knitter would notice (or even a Knitter, for that matter) but now that *I* have noticed it, it’s STARING. at. me.  *sigh*

So, for most of that row, I tried to talk myself into ignoring it.  I made it most of the way around, then when I flipped the glove over to finish the row, the knot was facing me.  Guess what?  The over-instead-of-under was glaring at me like a ginormous zit on a prom queen’s forehead. *sigh* again.

Major surgery was in order.  I gathered all my tools, my crochet hook, my size 1 dpn’s, my row counter (since I was dropping down to a charted part of the glove, I wanted to keep track of what row I was on) and I poured myself a cosmo.

Then I dropped. stitches.  Six of them, and I went down 36 rows. When I got down to where I needed to be, I put the stitches on a dpn, then put whole mess down and stared at it for a minute.  Then I took a picture.  Because I wanted to share my pain jubilation.

Knotty Gloves - uhmyikes?

Then, with shaking hands, I picked it up and fixed the cable.  I knit up about six rows and noticed another problem.

I had knitted through the back loop on one of the stitches ON TOP OF THE DAMNED CABLE.  GAH!

So…I dropped down the six rows I had just knit, and fixed it AGAIN.  Making sure I didn’t screw up AGAIN.  Then proceeded to knit up 36 rows to the current row.  When I got up to the current row, I put the glove down again and gazed at what I had done:

Knotty Gloves - all fixed!

…then I drank the cosmo.  ;o)


p.s. For those who are interested,  there’s another CSM on the market! Risa has decided she doesn’t want her NZAK anymore.  :o(

Ten on Tuesday…

…the one with the ten signs you’re getting older:

1.  I actually *want* to watch the evening news.

2.  I used to go out almost every weekend and dance, drink, etc.  Now?  PJ’s and a movie, thankyouverymuch.  (I also used to date a guy in a band which led to the going out dancing, etc.  *ahem*)

3.  I used to be able to drink a buttload of alcohol and not have it effect me in the slightest.  Now?  If I order a second cosmo when we’re out for dinner the bartender (who is also a friend) looks at me hard and says, ‘are you SURE.’

4.  We always go to the same place for dinner…

5.  I actually want to get up before 10am and am pretty pissed off when I sleep in.

6.  My daughter is going to be 20 years old this year.

7.  If I bend down to pick something up, it takes me a solid minute to straighten up again.  Ohwait, that’s RR…hehe

8.  I can no longer fit all my wordly goods into my vehicle to make a quick getaway.  I can probably fit in most of it but I’d have to make a pretty difficult decision with regards to clothes vs. wheels.  ;o)

9.  My daughter?  Did I mention this?  Is going to be 20 this year.  I checked my insurance policy and guess what?  I’ve been DRIVING for 20 years.  I need a drink.  Wait.  I can’t drink any more.  *sigh*

10.  I used to be able to drink caffeine at any hour of the day.  Now, if I don’t drink decaf after 4pm I’m up until 3am shaking like I have the DT’s and thinking of what I can clean that’s quiet and won’t wake the house.

That’s it, it was harder to get to 10 than I thought it would be!

A quick knitting update – after ripping and reknitting three inches of the leg on the first Leyburn sock for two. days.  I realized what stupid thing I was doing wrong (picking up the float with the wrong needle) and I managed to finish it on Sunday night.  I am now halfway through the foot on the second sock and am pretty hopeful I might finish this pair before the end of the month.  ;o)  No pictures since it’s kind of boring at this point and I’d rather wait for the ‘big reveal’  ;op