A Good Friend…

…is not only someone who is always ready with the bail fund, it’s someone who will knit a wedding shawl for you.

Wedding Shawl - Blocked

Not once, but twice.

Wedding Shawl - Blocked

Because you RILLY want a big-arsed lace shawl as a veil.

Wedding Shawl - Blocked

Then, if your friend is as awesome as my friend, they will worry that it isn’t big enough.

Wedding Shawl - Blocked

Until you finally get off your lazy butt and block it.

Wedding Shawl - Blocked

…and it takes up most of your living room floor.

Wedding Shawl - Blocked

Then you unpin it, hold it up and realize…

Wedding Shawl - Blocked

That seven feet wide is plenty big enough.  ;o)

Wedding Shawl - Blocked

Cookie, you are a knitting goddess.  I will cherish this shawl forever and it will be a wonderful ‘Cookie Hug’ on my wedding day.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart. xoxo  (I’d offer you my first born as thanks but I’m pretty sure you don’t want her… ;op )

Project Details:

Pattern: Cap Shawl from Victorian Lace Today

Yarn: Zephyr Lace in Vanilla

Other Details: You’re going to have to check with the knitting goddess on that one, I’m not sure on needle size but I think knitting time was like 20 minutes.  ;op

On an important and completely unrelated note – Happy Birthday, Mom!

Knitting Content!! Wooo!

Sorry for the complete lack of knitting content lately – my life has been just plain crazy between my ‘at home’ clients (people I do bookkeeping for from my home office) and my ‘office job’ along with all the assorted responsibilities that come along with having a teenager (for example: H: “mom, can I go online?”  Me: “It is 6pm, no, you may not go online until 8pm” H: “this SUCKS” Me: “tell me about it – maybe you could *insert parental suggestion to do something like…hmmm..YOUR CHORES…or something that doesn’t involve staring at a box with flickering lights*” H: “That’s just stupid”  Me: “*general muttering about birth control and how having a teen is an awesome way to not want any more teens while eyeing the liquor cabinet*” – that is a pared down version but four or more conversations like this every evening can really take up some time).

Anyway, lookie here:

I made…lace :o)  That is the beginning of Madli and it is a bit longer now, I’m halfway through my first ‘center’ repeat and I know this is taking forever but…see the above paragraph.  I can’t knit lace when I’m explaining the obvious.

And here is my very first piece of stranded/two color knitting:

This is also bigger now – I’m well into the fifth repeat out of six repeats.  This is simple enough so I can work on it while…well, explaining the obvious.  That’s my job now, didja hear?

I Finished Something!!!

I – me – that is myself – finished an actual, honest to God piece of lace.  Me.  I knitted it!  And…here it is:

There should be a photo here but apparently I screwed up

It is the four hour scarf from ‘Last Minute Knitted Gifts’ by Joelle Hoverson of Purl SOHO.  Ain’t it purdy?!  Now I get to make three more because stupid me thought it took a crapload more yarn than it did to make it and I have one and a half skeins of mohair left over.  Hmmm…I wonder what everyone’s getting as gifts this year…? :o)