…unfortunately, as my grandpa used to say, only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades.  *sigh*

Close ...

It’s not my fault though.  Between cooking for 10 people for Thanksgiving (Happy Thanksgiving!) and then Friday contracting a raging case of some kind of horrible 24 hour bug that lasted until Sunday I wasn’t able to knit that much.  I knit like hell on Sunday though until I came up against another wall.

Wait, let me show you:

All that's left

10 grams does not equal four inches of sweater sleeve.  Even in my slice of non-reality.  *sigh*

At least if it turn it like this:

Looks like it's done...right?

…it *looks* like it’s done.  ;o)

P.S.  Exciting news!  I have sock monkey fabric!!  Watch the shop, I’ll have some posted soon…

Do I get a cigar?

I’m pretty close…maybe even close enough to sneak in a victory…

NaKniSweMo Progress 11-25-08

If it weren’t for Thursday being what it is…*sigh*

I know my limitations…

…and work within them.  At least, when it comes to knitting and possible sweater-related injuries.  ;o)

As mentioned in my previous post, St. Patrick is in time out due to excess cabling.  I did some major stash digging and managed to turn up a bunch of Wild Apple Hill in Peacock and a couple of balls of Noro.  I had an idea that I wanted something along the lines of Cobblestone but I didn’t have enough plain yarn to do it so I decided to do a top-down raglan with a garter stitch yoke.  I threw in the Noro on every other row and this is what I have so far (I cast on Monday afternoon):

NaKniSweMo - Part 2

[Raveled here] Trust me, it’s prettier in person.  In fact, I’m smitten with this sweater and can’t wait to finish it.  ;o)  The collar appears to have decided it wants to be a stand-up collar and if I can’t manage to wrangle it into submission, I’ll be doing a short steek and making it a v-neck (how’s that for showing your knitting who’s boss?)

In geek/website news, I’m having an issue with my hosting provider.  The server on which resides has been having problems for over a week now.  This means I’m not receiving some comment notifications and every once in a while they throw in a 503 error just to make things interesting.  I am communicating with them (okay maybe there was a bit of yelling via email *ahem*) and trying to get my site moved to a server that is more reliable – in the meantime, I apologize for any errors you receive and please keep trying if you get one when you’re leaving a comment (because, as I’m sure you all have guessed, I’m a comment wh*re.  ;op ).  Thanks!