Because I didn’t already have enough to do…

I organized some sock yarn.

A Little Bit of Sock Yarn

Then, because I was REALLY bored, I organized some more and threw in about a quarter of my handspun stash.

The Rest of the Sock yarn...and some Handspun

It’s not like I have about 10 people coming for Thanksgiving or anything… *ahem*


…the one with all the ‘just one more’.

I held back a couple of pictures from the hiking trip I posted about a few weeks ago.  The first I’d like to share with you is one that is kind of a juxtaposition – a fall leaf caught in an evergreen tree.  I’ve been attempting to come up with a clever title for it for weeks but alas, I am not talented enough to think of one.

Deciduous Evergreen

The second one I’m calling ‘The Face of Terror’ – poor Jazzy hated the water at the falls that day.  RR was trying to get her to stock a toe in and all she would do was cower under him.  *sigh* so much for our dreams of getting her to play fetch at the lake…

The Face of Terror

That’s it for this week!  Have a great weekend, everyone!

I know I said I wouldn’t be posting…

…but I can’t pass this up.

Guess who got hit in the head with falling debris?

We put 'safe' in safety team

um yeah, we put the ‘safe’ in ‘safety team’.  They say it doesn’t need stitches and it’s finally stopped bleeding…oh and he’s the first injury of record for the show.  ;o)

p.s.  I finally have wifi where we’re staying so there will be pix coming up on flickr