Summer Nights

Summer nights…the air is slightly cooler than your skin and feels like velvet. The night sky is huge and dark and full of glittering diamond stars that almost look like they are close enough to touch if you reach out and the fields and the edges of the woods are full of winking fireflies and chirping crickets. Right now is my second favorite time of year (Fall is my first favorite). If it’s not too humid, the days are nice and warm but not too hot and the nights are slightly cooler – and if you are lucky to live in the country (like I am), nature gives you a nightly light show in the form of fireflies.

Last night, RR (aka Boothbait) and I went to our local roadside burger place for dinner and on the way home, we stopped by a few hay fields to check out the fireflies. It’s still a little early, but there were a few out there winking away, doing their firefly thing. It’s one of our favorite things to do and that’s why every summer, I carry this firefly print in the shop:

Photo is linked to shop listing :)

I remember catching fireflies with my grandmother (the one who taught me to sew), and wondering at how they did that magic light show. We always let them go after a bit, so no lightning bugs were harmed ;) I’m so happy that my back yard is full of them every year so we can sit on the porch and watch them – and I think of grandma Beth, helping me discover the wonders of playing outside. :)

Yes, I’ve posted again – I really am going to try to post once in a while since I do like to share my thoughts on projects and life in general (and shop updates, etc.) in more than 140 characters ;) I figure I may as well give the hackers something to want to steal ;)

My Weekend…

…overall was pretty awesome.  The highlight? Getting our engagement photos taken by Carole (which involved driving to the complete other side of the state which was cool because I got seafood for dinner!  AND awesome photos!  AND a day with a good friend!  AND a nap on the way home! hehe)  Wanna see?

Engagement 5

Engagement 4

Engagement 3

Engagement 1

Engagement 2

Aren’t they awesome?  Many thanks, my friend.  :o)


…my vacation was filthy with it.  For the most part I just sat with my wheel or knitting and soaked it in (or tried to avoid it, depending on how many legs it had…)  Once in a while, though, I did remember to break out the camera so I’d have something to show for my week and a half of camping in the Adirondacks.  ;o)

On Saturday, Cookie mentioned that RR dragged me on a hike.  Up a mountain.  She was right.

He brought me up a ‘short walk’ to see Buttermilk Falls (ETA: these falls are in Lake Luzerne/Fourth Lake, NY, not Ithaca)

Buttermilk Falls

Buttermilk Falls

Buttermilk Falls

Buttermilk Falls

Buttermilk Falls

Sasquatch wuz here

Just for the record, his idea of a ‘short walk’ and mine do not coincide.  Buttermilk Falls?  Is on this hill:

Buttermilk Falls Mountain

If I didn’t know better, I’d think he was trying to kill me.

I did think it was very cool – the falls flow down a section of solid rock that is very slick when wet – RR says it makes for quite the natural water slide when you’re a kid and can bounce, not so much when you’re a grown-up.  ;o)

After the short walk hike, we drove into the town of Lake Luzerne to see where the Hudson River begins:

The beginning of the Hudson

The beginning of the Hudson

RR took these pictures.  Want to know why?

The beginning of the Hudson

Yeah.  I don’t do heights…or bridges.  I made it three steps out and froze, he dragged me back and took the camera out of my white, shaking hands to take pictures.  For the blog.  He also did not laugh at me.  It almost makes up for the short walk hike.  Almost.