Since there’s a dearth of knitting…

…how about some gardening?

Last year I didn’t do much with the veg patch, I threw in some peas, some tomatoes, some peppers and some squash and sat back to see what happened. I didn’t do a whole lot of weeding and I didn’t do a whole lot of planning – however, I did do a lot of picking since, thankfully, everything but the peppers produced. (You kind of have to baby the peppers up here in the frigid north – they get chilly)

This year, I decided to do a bit of planning and a bit of gambling. You see, if you put tomatoes in the ground before Memorial Day in my neighborhood, people sit up and take notice. They start paying attention to what’s going on in your yard – and they start checking the temperature at night. They do this so they can point and laugh when the temp dips and you’re the only idiot in the neighborhood with frosty ‘maters.

Well, I outsmarted Mother Nature (and the neighbors) this year. I went all fancy and got the water teepees and guess what? They work. We had a ‘hard’ frost about two weeks ago that almost killed the tulips that were shivering on the front lawn (don’t worry, they perked back up) but these babies were nice and snug all toasty under their (somewhat expensive) water-filled houses.

I’m hoping for salsa around the end of June. Possibly earlier if I play my cards right.  ;o)


…brought to you by summer, camping and the fact I’m hungry and considering making a s’more in the microwave. Also, there’s nothing photogenic around the house right now (I’m pissed at Jazz, she chewed my FREAKING LL Bean slipper so it’s unwearable which makes her WAY far from cute to me right now):

Mmmm ... S'mores

I also can’t see very well right this second since, for reasons unbeknownst to my conscious mind, my subconscious mind decided it would be a good idea to ram a mascara wand into my right eye about five minutes ago. Maybe it’s trying to tell me something, like my eyelashes shouldn’t be brown. What the hell is it about mascara application, anyway? You’re hovering millimeters from your eyeball with a pointy stick thinking, “must…be…careful…” and then WHAM your internal wiring has a hiccup and you have Maybelline black/brown on your cornea, your eye is watering all over the place and you have to re-do the whole freaking concealer process.


Maine – the 2007 Tour

On to vacation stuff :o) We did have a good one – most of my crankiness in my first post-vacation post was due to the lovely cold I developed on day 4 which lingered to day…well… it’s still lingering but I’m feeling much better than I did on day 5 or 6 ;o)

We didn’t do a lot of the usual vacation stuff that you do when you go to Maine – since we had just acquired a camper we decided that shopping wasn’t a good choice so we passed on Kittery, we had two dogs with us so we decided that making them sit in the sun for hours while we all baked on the beach probably wasn’t a good choice either and we have seen just about every lighthouse there is to see on the lower East coast of the state.

So we sat at the campsite all day and went out for dinner at lobster shacks so RR could watch me eat shellfish every night while he had a cheeseburger ;o) (he hates seafood but loves me enough to make sure I get lots when we go to the seaside – he gets lots of man points for that *g*)

When I say ‘lobster shacks’ I’m kind of joking since we did go to a couple of ‘real’ restaurants – one of which used to be a lobster shack but has since moved up in the world and has become a mecca of tourism (Cape Neddick…something…there were lots of tourists but it was the 2nd best lobster I had while there – and the biggest).  For those of you who are interested in the food (who wouldn’t be, right?) the best tasting lobster was had at the Blue Moon Diner (that link is for a review from 2002 and guess what?  Service is still slow…) on Route 1, the worst at Cascades (oh it was awful – the lobster was undercooked and the chowder was even worse, totally canned).  The absolute best hands down chowder I have had while in the state of Maine was had at The Good Table in Cape Elizabeth – so good, in fact, that I was upset that I only ordered a cup and had to eat my gyro (which was also excellent…just not the chowder) instead of ordering another bowl so I didn’t look like a complete pig…and now I’m wondering if they do mail order…

We did see a couple of lighthouses and believe it or not I managed to find some yarn ;o)  Unfortunately the only day we had available to go North was a day that the Spunky shop was closed so I didn’t get wool…just yarn.

Now you guys probably want to see some photos, right?  ;o)

Portland Head Light
Portland Head Light

Ducks !!


There are more on Flickr…yarn photos and monster squash coming soon! ;o)