Summer Nights

Summer nights…the air is slightly cooler than your skin and feels like velvet. The night sky is huge and dark and full of glittering diamond stars that almost look like they are close enough to touch if you reach out and the fields and the edges of the woods are full of winking fireflies and chirping crickets. Right now is my second favorite time of year (Fall is my first favorite). If it’s not too humid, the days are nice and warm but not too hot and the nights are slightly cooler – and if you are lucky to live in the country (like I am), nature gives you a nightly light show in the form of fireflies.

Last night, RR (aka Boothbait) and I went to our local roadside burger place for dinner and on the way home, we stopped by a few hay fields to check out the fireflies. It’s still a little early, but there were a few out there winking away, doing their firefly thing. It’s one of our favorite things to do and that’s why every summer, I carry this firefly print in the shop:

Photo is linked to shop listing :)

I remember catching fireflies with my grandmother (the one who taught me to sew), and wondering at how they did that magic light show. We always let them go after a bit, so no lightning bugs were harmed ;) I’m so happy that my back yard is full of them every year so we can sit on the porch and watch them – and I think of grandma Beth, helping me discover the wonders of playing outside. :)

Yes, I’ve posted again – I really am going to try to post once in a while since I do like to share my thoughts on projects and life in general (and shop updates, etc.) in more than 140 characters ;) I figure I may as well give the hackers something to want to steal ;)


Well, we didn’t hit 50 comments so we only have one prize up for grabs, but it was lots of fun! Thank you all for all of your comments and shares, it’s good to know you all are happy to see me blogging! I’m going to try to do it more often (I know, I know, you’ve heard that before…)

So, without any further ado, we have a winner! I plugged all the comments, facebook posts, instagram shares and tweets into a spreadsheet then had my number-picker (that would be RR) pick a number between 1 and 48 and he chose…

Number 24!

comment number 24 is our winner! Congrats to Kerryb! I’ll be emailing you! Thanks again to everyone – you made my 12th blogiversary awesome!

New spring prints going up this weekend!

Up next – I’m working on a shop update that will go live tomorrow afternoon/evening. I’ll have some new spring prints along with a very limited Snoopy St. Patrick’s Day print! Why tomorrow evening? Because, in case you didn’t know, beginning tonight at sunset and continuing until tomorrow night at sunset, it is ‘National Day of Unplugging‘ which I was unaware was a thing until I heard about it in the news this morning. It sounds like a good idea, though, doesn’t it? I’ll be cutting back, myself, until tomorrow!

Southern Adirondack Fiber Festival…

…was a wonderful weekend! What a great show – big enough to have lots of great vendors and small enough that it doesn’t get crowded like other, bigger shows.

SADK 2012 Booth setup

Our new full booth set up! I have 8 grid wall sections now and I’m loving all the space!

This was the second year that we had a booth at SADK and this year was definitely better than last year. I think this show is growing really well and I can’t wait for next year!

This fall is super busy for the business – while at SADK, Jennifer of Holiday Yarns offered to carry my bags in her booth at both KnitLab and Stitches East this year which is super exciting! If you’re going to either (or both) of those shows, be sure to check out her booth, she has awesome geeky yarns that go well with my awesome geeky bags!

Bags will be at Rhinebeck again this year – in The Spinning Room booth in Building A. I’m going on Friday to set up a grid wall section for her with about 100 bags so there should be plenty for everyone! (but you still might want to get there early for the best selection – she was mostly sold out by mid-afternoon on Saturday last year)

The next show after Rhinebeck is The Fiber Festival of New England in November and I’ll have bags in the Spunky Eclectic booth again!

Whew! Busy Fall season! I love it!

Another piece of exciting business-y news is this:

That is a screenshot of the new Jane Austen Knits that is out now digitally and out in print later this month. I almost fell over when I was asked to send in a bag for review back in July and I was too nervous to say anything until it actually happened!  IT HAPPENED!!! (I can’t believe it happened!! Did this really happen? Holy crap, it really happened, didn’t it.) Four years ago when I started this little business, I could only dream about having such a year. Thank you to everyone who has helped make this little business into what it became this year! Onward and upward!