Did you know…

…I spin?  Yeah, I had almost forgotten, myself.  ;o)

Red...BFL? Tag...gone.

Red...BFL? Tag...gone.

300ish yards of BFL 2-ply that’s about worsted weight.  I’m hoping the knitting fairies will make this into mittens for R so his hands don’t freeze while he’s shoveling snow.  Oh wait…*I’m* the knitting fairy around here.  Crap.  I should probably start knitting these…


In other news…it’s tax season.  Hoo and also Ray.  In happier news:

Shop update in the works!

Shop update in the works!  ;o)

No-Sew Napkins

I can’t claim the original idea for these napkins, I think I saw them in a Martha Stewart magazine?  Anyway, the idea stuck and when I saw that seersucker fabric was on sale at Fabric.com I decided to give it a shot.

I purchased two yards of fabric, I wasn’t sure how many napkins that would make because I hadn’t decided yet how big to make them.

First, you need to decide your measurements, I went with 18″ square.  Then, cut your fabric, trying to be as straight as possible with your cuts. (this will come in handy later…askmehowIknow *ahem*)

no-sew napkins

The 18″ cut allowed for eight napkins from the two yards (and about $1 per napkin – score!).  Once you’ve cut your squares, you need to fray the edges:

no-sew napkins

They will continue to fray when you wash them, but I’m pretty sure it’ll take a while before you are left with a postage-stamp sized napkin and 17″ of fray.  ;o)

no-sew napkins

When you’re all done, since you pre-washed your fabric (you did pre-wash it…right? ;o) ), you are all set to use your napkins with your next meal!

Finished Napkins

We had BBQ ribs the night I made these and they worked great!  If you don’t mind sewing and you have the ability, to stop the fraying you can sew a zig-zag seam around the edge.  My old grey mare of a ’36 Singer has never heard of zig-zag stitch so we’ll live with the fraying.  ;o)


These bags make me so happy, I just had to share them!

How cute are those gnomes?!  Cherry blossoms with birds?  The white bag with pink flowers? Has ladybugs.

I love my job.  ;o)