10 Things…

…okay I’ll admit it, I have been having trouble getting back into the blogging after the Holidays.  For some reason, my mind has decided that taking pictures is a mountain I must climb in order to put up a post.  It’s possible that my annual winter ‘issues’ have set in (I *hate* January…February comes in a close second with Valentines Day being the cherry on top of my winter sundae of hell) or it’s possible that my annual tax season issues have set in.  This year is worse (I had no idea it could get WORSE) – my biggest client is ‘wrapping things up’ so I have to not only get the taxes done, I have to dissolve the companies and figure out what the aitch I’m going to do to make yarn $$ when this nightmare ends.  ;o)

Which brings me to this weeks ’10 things’.  It seems to fit this week.


10 Things you want to do in 2009:

1.  Expand Stitched to include smaller bags, different stuff, more handspun, cranked socks.

2.  Make 10 pairs of legs for Socks for Soldiers – I signed up last year, didn’t do a damned thing because I let the CSM intimidate me, turned that into a great big ball of guilt and stuck it in the back of my closet until a recent post by the ‘sarge’ of the group made me wake up and realize that there are real people over there doing an awesome job with cold feet.  (btw, if you can find 20 minutes a day to knit big black socks (or tan, or green) or if you have a CSM and can crank out legs please sign up, they really need knitters for our soldiers.)

3.  Get back into excercising on a regular basis.

4.  Lose the next 25lbs that will get my BMI to a ‘healthy’ number.  I lost 26lbs last year and narrowly avoided being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.  They were talking about blood pressure meds at one point, too.

5.  Lose more ‘stash’ weight.  New Years day was spent going through the stash closet and weeding out the scary stuff I bought when I was a new knitter and didn’t know any better.  I gifted two boxes and a large trash bag to a friend’s mom who knits hats for the local Senior Center and Hospital.  RR gets big SO points for helping – I made him swear he wouldn’t judge me before we started and he stuck to it.  Now I need to go through the stash drawers in the living room, the wicker box in the sewing room and the cubes.  Which brings me to…

6.  Organize the stash more.  Right now it’s all willy-nilly and commingled.  The lace weight is in with the worsted and who knows what the heck is going on in there.  If I don’t do something soon, it’ll have babies (cuz you all know how slutty that lace weight can be.) ;o)

7.  Organize my life more.  I paid I-don’t-want-to-admit-how-much in late fees last year.  Not.  Acceptable.

…okay I’ve hit a wall and I can’t think of anything else.  I guess that means I need to stop and go back to work now…*sigh*