He might kill me for this…

…a recent email convo with a certain knitter got me to thinking about old WIPs so I began the search for photos.  While hunting through the (rather large) picture folder on my hard drive, I found this lovely photo of R holding my knitting while I ripped it.  Actually, I think it was a ripping party that involved our friend B and his (now gf) also B taking turns running the ball winder.  Fun times.  ;o)

The TV is different, the chair now resides in the ‘craft room’ (known forever as ‘Dave’s Room’), the buffet under the TV now resides in the porch and the horrible pink yarn is long gone but…

He might kill me for this...

…RR will forever be a goofball.  Two seconds before this pic was shot he was pretending it was a miniskirt.  Then a bikini top…

On second thought, he won’t kill me for that picture.  Why?  Because I’ve posted this one a couple of times and he’s fine with it:

FO Shot - Christmas 2006 the year of the Irish Hiking Scarf

Wait.  It wasn’t that one…it was this one:

Fairy GodRoger

That’s the ‘fairy godroger’ shot right there.  (and the one I will never, ever misplace *evil grin*  notice the fetching bracelet – there are earrings behind the lace, too)  I particularly love the gleam in his eye – he’s actually having fun, hehe  ;o)  By the way, the young lady responsible for that look turned 10 on the 21st – go wish her a happy for me, wouldja?  ;o)

p.s.  Thanks for being such a good sport, honey.  Love you!  xoxo

Birthday Anyone?

So, today is my Mother’s birthday. And as usual, I get to take over the blog and post about it!

Here is this year’s top 5 reasons as to why she’s a great mom and why she deserves this special day:

5. I am 18 and have already graduated and she has yet to kick me out.
4. She likes and gets along with Whipping Boy!!
3. She’s my mom but she is also my friend.
2. She’s trusting me to stay home alone for a whole week and a half. Not that I’m going to be partying. lol. It’s a small town, everybody knows everyone and trust me, word gets around. Plus, we have people who stop by and check up on me to see how I’m doing.
1. She helps me out and is there for me when I need her.



One more…

…Birthday and then I’ll stop for a while, I promise!

Today is a most auspicious day. A day that will live in the hearts and minds of us all. A day that is more important than any other day all year – okay except maybe Christmas. Or Easter, that’s a pretty important day too. Oh and Thanksgiving, that’s up there on the list…or Arbor Day, that’s a day we shouldn’t forget or let pass by without at least one ‘Happy Arbor Day!’ you know, or all the Arbors will be hurt.

Wait. Where was I?

Oh yeah, Birthdays…

Today is RR’s, so I’m asking you all to join me in a nice round of well-wishes – the more the merrier since, you know, the blog has kind of taken away some of our ‘us’ time which has, at times, led to a cranky RR… ;o)


Happy Birthday! Love you – and don’t ever grow up, k? ;o)