You asked…

…so I shall deliver. Pictures of the CPH on me:

CPH - Modeled Back

CPH - Modeled Shoulder

CPH - Modeled Front

I swear, if it weren’t for my face (and the rest of me), I’d be happier to post photos of myself on the blog. it’s not that I don’t *like* my face (or the rest of me), it’s just that I don’t like the spastic fits that I appear to be suffering from whenever RR hits the shutter button. That last one is the only one in which I’m facing the camera (out of the 20 RR took) that I like. (yeah, I’m picky…it’s all part of my charm.) Speaking of picky, please note that the sleeve insert looks just as good on my actual arm as it does on tNH’s arm. ;o)

Thank you all for your complements on my new sweater – they are much appreciated! I haven’t taken it off since I finished it, and I’m so happy that it’s done before Spring has fully kicked in so I can wear it a few times before it has to be put away for the season!

Now, on to button choices:

What button?

I have my favorite, let me know yours!

All Over but the Buttons…

…oh thank the GSD* that’s over.

The New Hottness would like to present…my finished Central Park Hoodie.

FO: Central Park Hoodie (Front)

I plan on doing ‘afterthought’ buttonholes (a la EZ) when I’ve decided on buttons (don’t worry, I’ll be asking for your opinions after the choices have arrived!)

FO: Central Park Hoodie (Back)

I chose to kitchener the hood closed instead of seaming (yes, you can see the line – but I also haven’t washed the hood yet. That will disappear after the first soaking). I picked up and knit the button bands after the hood was complete so they are seamless, also.

FO: Central Park Hoodie (Sleeve)

My favorite part – there is much beauty in a set-in sleeve that has no puckers. ;o)

Wait. I lied. My absolute favorite part? It fits.

Project Notes

* GSD = Global Standard Deity . See the Thursday Next Series for more info. ;o)

Okay so maybe it wasn’t ‘tomorrow’…

…but at least it’s this week! I’ve made some progress on the CPH, so far I have both fronts and the back done (as well as both sleeves to the sleeve caps done), the shoulders sewed together and 8″ of hood completed. Want pictures? Here you go:

CPH Progress 03-10-08

CPH Hood Progress 03-10-08

I seriously cannot wait to be done with this. In other news, there was a minor miracle on Monday. Beanie and Jazz have refused to be anywhere near each other (unless there was food involved). On Monday, they decided to share a chair. RR and I were speechless – and thankfully it lasted long enough for me to get a shot:

A minor miracle...

…in the interest of full disclosure, I should probably tell you that they are laying on a heated throw. ;o)