Ten on Tuesday…

…the one with a little bit of Easter (and maybe a couple more engagement photos?)

Okay, definitely more engagement photos:


This week, our directive is 10 Favorite Easter/Passover Traditions.  I’m a gentile (from waaaay back – Mayflower and beyond, even) so I’m going to stick with Easter.  I’m also not very go-to-church-regularly religious so…well, you’ll see. ;o)

1.  Cadbury eggs are EVERYWHERE.  So, I guess you could say that one of my Easter traditions is to go to the drugstore the Monday after Easter to pick up a few (dozen) boxes on clearance.  ;o)

2.  Baked ham.

3.  Au Gratin potatoes.

4.  Did I mention the Cadbury eggs?

5.  Mac and cheese on Monday with leftover ham bits.

Retro Ring

6.  Mmmmm…Cadbury Eggs.  In December.  ‘Cuz I bought them on clearance in April.  ;o)

7.  R walks around the house saying “Bok bok thanks Easter Bunny”  yeah, I know, he’s a dork.

8.  I try to thank the gods of television that there are no Easter jewelry commercials.

9.  Not watching the 10 Commandments.  (sorry)

10.  Oooh!  Cadbury eggs!  hehe

…and, because I can, a photo from yesterday with a new (to me) photoshop action (because I learned yesterday that they work in Elements!  woo!)

Us Vintage Dawn 1

One more?  Okay:

Us Warm Autumn

(I might like that last one the best…maybe.  ;o)  )

So tell me, what are your Easter or Passover traditions?

My Weekend…

…overall was pretty awesome.  The highlight? Getting our engagement photos taken by Carole (which involved driving to the complete other side of the state which was cool because I got seafood for dinner!  AND awesome photos!  AND a day with a good friend!  AND a nap on the way home! hehe)  Wanna see?

Engagement 5

Engagement 4

Engagement 3

Engagement 1

Engagement 2

Aren’t they awesome?  Many thanks, my friend.  :o)