Seriously, this week flew by way too fast. Good thing I already had a picture all ready for ECF:

Peas Please!

Now, I’ve been gardening in some form or another since I could walk – my grandmother was a firm believer that children were put on this earth for free labor so I learned at a very young age the difference between a weed and a bean plant. Another early lesson was how good peas taste right off the vine – and that when you are eating those peas and grandma starts screeching your full name for all the world to hear, it does NOT mean she wants you to come over to see her so she can give you a hug.

You would think that in my 30+ years of gardening that I’m not as easily impressed as, say, a first-year newbie. However, this would be wrong. I am just as excited when my seedlings pop through the soil to see the light of day for the first time (YAY! I didn’t kill them!!) and I had never, ever, encountered a purple pea blossom before this year. There’s a first for everything – and they still taste just as good, though I do miss grandma’s screeching just a bit. ;o)

p.s. If anyone is looking for something fibery to do this weekend and they’re in the Catskill, NY area on Saturday, this shindig is looking very promising. ;o)

Then you get…

…tomatoes. ;o)

No, this didn’t take only a week to grow but I’ll tell you this – starting early and investing in the wall-o-water setup was WORTH. IT.

Take THAT neighbors!

Take THAT, neighbors. ;op

In other photography news, Carole recently invited me to participate in the Day in the Life group on Flickr. If you’re interested, you can see my photos by clicking on the photo below:

The beginning...

Today (the 23rd) is also my mother’s birthday – Happy Birthday, Mom! She’d love it if she received some happy day wishes at her blog, here. ;o))

Oh and for the record, I still hate Bloglines (in case you missed it, I was bloglined last week and I’m still recuperating) – and Best Buy has been added to the list. Yay. However, that’s a post for another day…