I officially give up…

…the sun and RR can’t seem to get it together. It doesn’t help that it’s almost Memorial Day so all the 2nd homeowners *need* to have their TV’s, etc. installed RIGHT. NOW. which means I don’t see him before dark. Once we’re done with Memorial Day it’ll be the 4th of July that will cause the panic. I don’t get why they need a home theater done before they have a cookout. I mean seriously, aren’t they planning on being OUTSIDE? Isn’t that the root meaning of ‘cookOUT’? /rant

ANYway…since RR isn’t home, Dobby manned the camera so I can show off my new FO:

Mr. GreenJeans - front

Mr. GreenJeans - back

Mr. GreenJeans - Buttons

Raveled here

Mr. GreenJeans…

My progress so far:

Mr. GreenJeans - Progress

The New Hottness offered to model today. ;o) I have about 4 inches to go and I’ll be done with the body – then it’s on to the sleeves! I’ve slowed down a bit since it appears that I have suffered a knitting related injury – my Left wrist hurts like hell. I’ve had a brace on it since Saturday and it’s feeling better but I’ve decided to take a little mini-break from the knitting. Trust me, it’s hard. I *want* my sweater! (I guess this means I’m a product knitter…at least, this week.) ;o)

There was one thing I wanted to clear up from my last post – yes, Dobby gets two proms. Her school has one prom per year for both the Junior and the Senior class. One reason why this can work is that there are only about 50 kids in each class – unlike RR’s high school which had 2,000 kids in the graduating class (he only had one prom). Last year, she was on the Prom committee since the Junior class ‘throws the party’ and the Seniors enjoy it. This year is the ‘big’ year – a limo and everything! Trust me, there will be pictures. ;o) Sorry for the confusion!

Knitting? I do that…

…sometimes. ;o)

Somewhat unconsciously, I have been on a yarn diet since January. For one reason or another, I just haven’t felt the urge, you know? Besides, it’s hard to justify a new yarn purchase when you have almost an entire room devoted to your fiber habit. I was also working on my CPH so I didn’t care about working on anything else until that was done – or at least wearable since it still has no buttons so I guess it’s not officially ‘done’. Last week I started looking for a project that would be fast, pretty, and make me happy – because Lord knows I needed happy at that point. I decided on a project and started hunting for the perfect yarn. (btw, have I mentioned how much I love Ravelry?!? Seriously. Love it.) The perfect yarn in this instance would be Dream in Color Classy in the Good Luck Jade colorway which, unfortunately, was almost out of stock at The Loopy Ewe. I could only order two skeins there but thankfully I found two more at the Yarn and Fiber Company. I was thinking that since it’s hand painted, the colors won’t be too terribly different if ordered from two different companies. Thankfully, I was right.

Dream in Color Classy 'Good Luck Jade'

On the left are the skeins from Y&F, on the right are the Loopy skeins. I’ll still alternate rows with two different balls, but they’re pretty close. There’s only one skein that seems a bit darker than the rest. I cast on last night while we got caught up on Law & Order (I CANNOT believe that Ed left! WTF?! This new guy better not suck.) and as of bedtime I had an inch or so completed. I would have had more except I started with size 8 needles and found that I wasn’t getting gauge. I went up to a size 9 and that’s working out perfectly so far:

Mr. Greenjeans - the beginning

Can I just tell you that I’m loving this yarn? Squooshy!!! The pattern? Fun!! Yay! Now if we could just get some rain so I can justify sitting inside and not working on the veggie patch. ;o)

Oh and some Fleece Artist Sea Wool may have fallen into my cart when I wasn’t looking…

Fleece Artist Sea Wool 'Rennaissance'

…and some bees…

Felted Bees!

…now I must go dig. Yay.