Faschizzle my Twizzle

Oh don’t tell me I’m the only person who’s thought that while watching Olympic Ice Dancing

How COOL that we won silver!! (if you want to see what we won, you have to highlight the word, I don’t want to ruin it for those who have TiVo and haven’t gotten around to watching it yet – not that we aren’t all bombarded with updates constantly, I just don’t want to be responsible.)

Olympic knitting continues along at a pretty good rate. I’ve finished the back and am now starting on the front (armholes, that is) and THEN I have to do the sleeves. I picked up two new Addi’s at Webs today so I can do two at a time. As stated previously I found out on Friday that I have this week off so hopefully I’ll finish. I’d better wrap this thing up soon because I’m getting glared at by my DFS. Apparently she is feeling a little neglected – I fear there may be a revolt soon.

What was that? …oh yeah, Roger brought me to Webs today (he even went IN and WALKED AROUND with me!! I think it might have been because he needed to pee, but I like to think it is because he wants to see mecca where all his money goes one of the best yarn stores ever)…and here I was thinking you all wouldn’t notice my mentioning that…not only did I want to get the Addi’s but I wanted to buy yarn. FOR A GOOD REASON! My co-worker was in a pretty bad car accident last week that involved her needing brain surgery (I don’t have all the details – I do know she’s home now and has most of her faculties and won’t be back to work for at least a month) and because of the surgery they shaved her head. She’s young-ish (mid-20’s) so I’m sure it’s affecting her pretty badly (both the surgery and the loss of hair) so I’m going to knit her an Odessa to try to lessen the GI-Jane effect. I picked up two balls of Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino in black today which I hope is the correct gauge or I’m going to have to go back (oh the horror!). Okay now that I checked it (to get the link) I see that I needed a dk yarn – great. I’m going to have to do freakin’ math. Or some fudging. Or something.

What? You want to know what? Who won…?

OOOOHHHHH that’s right! I had a bit of a quiz going on yesterday, didn’t I?

Okay the answer to the question was:

I am afraid of high ceilings.

Eight of you got it right! Good job! I used a random number generator to choose the winner and….

Vicki aka Knitorious gets the Grand Prize!

I wish I could give out prizes for persistence – Mary Ann tried four times to no avail. I’m sorry you didn’t get it, Mary Ann :o(

And the winner of the comment prize is…

Jen aka Crafty Lilly!

Congrats to both! Please send me your mailing addresses – your packages will be going out in the mail within the next few days (I’m on vacation, remember? *grin*) Thank you all for playing – and thanks so very much for all your comments :o)

I must go and knit now…

Olympic Knitting – Day 6

I seem to be gliding along and doing well through the ‘long program’ portion – it now measures 12″ which means I have 2 more inches to go and then it’s time to start making arm holes ;o) Yay!!

There really isn’t much else going on in my life right now. Other than my car being broken again – AGAIN! I go to pick it up from the dealership (where it was getting the power steering fixed) and IT. WON’T. START. At this point Roger’s pissed and dealing with it. They don’t know what they’ve gone and done…it’s like waking a sleeping giant. He doesn’t get mad often but when he does…look out!

Oh yes and today is the anniversary of my knitting group having more than one member ;o) Happy Anniversary, Abi! I’m so glad that I worked up the nerve to start going to the meetings last year, helping you organize this group is one of the best things that I’ve ever been involved in and has helped me grow as a person. Thank you :o)

Just when you thought…

…that every possible Olympic team had been thought up…

Deb and I came up with a new one! We are proud to announce the formation of *drumroll*

The Knitting Olympics Curling Team!

We even have a button:

And some rules:

1. You must have wavy or curly hair.

2. If you don’t have curly hair, liking it is okay

3. Even if you don’t like it, if you know someone who has curly
hair you’re in

4. Liking the button is enough to get in

5. Not participating in the Knitting Olympics and just want to cheer us on? You’re

Pretty easy, eh?

I’d also like to thank everyone for their comments over the past two days – I can’t send out individual emails to you because my web host has lost all the emails that were sent to me via the blog over the past day and a half. So thank you and I’m sorry I can’t send you an individual response. :o)