We have Winners!!

First, let me thank ALL of you who tweeted, posted on your Facey-Space (Facebook for those who haven’t seen the Dennis Leary ad), linked from your blogs and commented!  Thank you!  This comment ho is in heaven!  ;o)

R and I spent a couple of hours on Sunday entering in all the comments, etc. into a spreadsheet (because I don’t have a bin large enough to accomodate 490 entries AND that’s a lot of paper that would end up in the trash!), then, with R watching to be sure I didn’t fudge the numbers, I went over to Random.org and used the number generator that’s on their front page to pick:

#306 which happens to be:

Carole! (Carole wins a gift certificate to my shop!)

I hit the button again and the next winner is:

#227 which is:

Kitten with a Whiplash! (also a Gift Certificate winner!)

I clicked ‘Generate’ again which spit out:

#285 which is:

Chris! (Chris wins the Scout’s Swag Club yarn!)

I hit the button again and:

#89 which is:

Tina M! (Tina wins a pair of CSM socks!)

I hit the button one more time and:

#476 which is:

@theindigomuse! (winner of a Gift Certificate to The Loopy Ewe!)

If you’re a winner, please email me at jessalu at gmail dawt cahm to let me know your email if you won a GC, your address if  you won a skein of yarn and your address/shoe size/favorite colors if you won a pair of socks!  Thanks!

Picking the winners is my favorite and least favorite because I wish I could give out prizes to everyone.   Congrats to all the winners and thanks to everyone for playing!  You helped make my 5th Anniversary my best so far!


Comments are now closed for the giveaway – thank you to everyone who participated!  I will be pulling winners for the five prizes over the weekend and posting the winners on Monday, February 22.  Have  a great weekend and good luck!  ~jess

Five Years

725 Posts

An uncountable number of friends.

Thank you.

I’m so happy that I’ve been able to share my fiber life with you all for five years – it doesn’t seem that long since time flies when you’re having fun – but when I started this blog

I was a new knitter

I had never spun anything, ever, and had no intention to do so (thanks, Carole, for the arm twisting, btw.)

Dobby was a Freshman in High School

R and I had just started talking about getting married…someday.

I only had one dog…and I think we had a hamster?

I thought the only place I could buy yarn was Joanns and Michaels (I know!)

I hadn’t had even one thought that anyone would ever want to buy anything that I made.

I took horrific pictures.  Truly terrible ones.  It’s a wonder some of you kept coming back!


I’ve been knitting for over five years, spinning for four, Dobby has graduated High School and moved on to her own apartment (good thing because I needed the room for my stash *cough*), R and I are engaged and getting married in the fall, we have two dogs (no hamster) and I now know that I can get really awesome yarn from really awesome people and a boatload of really awesome people have purchased something I made with my own two hands (and a really cool sewing machine).  Also, thanks be to bob, I am a little better at taking pictures.

Thank you so much for making this journey with me.  I wouldn’t have kept blogging if it weren’t for you guys who take the time to leave comments (because, in case you hadn’t already guessed, I’m a bit of a comment whore *ahem*)  I’m so glad that I have made it to this milestone that I am going to be giving away not one, not two, not three or four but FIVE prizes in this little contest I have cooked up.  It’s REALLY simple:

Comment here, you get a chance to win.

Send people here, you get another chance to win.  One for every person who said you sent them, in fact.

Tweet about my contest, with a link, you get yet another chance to win. (you can tweet up to three SIX!! times throughout today and tomorrow, just not more than once per hour.  You’ll get a chance for each tweet – please tag with #sbjl or mention me (@jessalu) so I can see them!)

Link in FaceBook for another chance!

There you go!  Want to know what you’re playing for?  Two of the prizes are Gift Certificates to my shop for your choice of one bag.

New Prints for February

For the third prize, my friend Scout has let me offer up a skein of exclusive Scouts Swag club yarn:

The fourth prize will be a pair of socks I knit for you on my CSM.  I will provide the yarn and the CSM, you provide an idea of your favorite colors and your shoe size.

The fifth prize will be a $25 gift certificate to the Loopy Ewe!

Contest closes at Midnight on Friday night (so those of you who want to post on their blogs but see this late on Thursday, have another day to get a post up), I will pull winners over the weekend and post them on Monday.  ETA: I wanted to mention that these are five separate prizes so you have five different chances to win – sorry for any confusion!

There you have it, I hope you find one of those prizes worth a comment!  ;o)

Yarn! and a favor…

Mabelle’s first skein:

First Yarn with Maybelle!

166 yards two-ply DK weight – I’m not sure what kind of wool this is.  When I purchased it at the Fibertwist, I asked the vendor what kind of wool it was and she said, “wool”.  I didn’t want to ask further…  It’s a little scratchy and probably good for mittens or slippers.  I thought ‘felting’ for a second and then realized I was talking about my handspun and decided that wouldn’t be happening with this skein.  ;op

So that’s the yarn, now I need to ask a favor!

You all know that R loves old cars.  In fact, he belongs to a car club (he’s the secretary!), goes to meetings and Does Good Things with said car club.  They give out scholarships to kids who want to learn how to work on cars and try to do a little something for members of the community who are going through a rough time.  What does that have to do with anything?  Well, I’ll tell you!  A local bank is giving away a $5,000 grant to a non-profit who gets the most votes on their website before January 31.  What I’m asking is that you follow this link, click VOTE HERE and fill in the form.  I’m sorry it’s not just a ‘click here’ thing, there’s a bit of typing but I think you guys can handle it.  ;o)

The info you need for the form is this:

Name of the Organization:  Olde Yankee Street Rods

Address:  Sheffield, MA

Submitted by:

They ask for your name, email and address however you can do your first name and last initial, your email and the city, state you live in.  They are not using this information to sell you stuff, just to keep track of who is voting.

What do you get?  An entry into my little contest!!  Enter R’s car club to win, comment here that you did and I’ll put your name in the hat to win a skein of…


(contest closes on January 31 at midnight, drawing announcement on February 2) Even better?  If you post a link to my contest from your blog and either trackback to this post or let me know in the comments I’ll enter you AGAIN!

So, let’s get this car club a grant and show those car guys that fiber people are AWESOME!  ;o)  Thank you!