A most excellent contest…

…not held by me. ;o) My friend Cris is the spinner and dyer behind Into the Whirled (FABulous fiber, people!) and she has been a fan of mine since I started last year – in fact, her bag was the first bag I ever saw ‘in the wild’!

She likes my bags so much that she has dyed a batt to match one of my bags! Want to see?

ITW & SbJL Giveaway!

Isn’t that pretty?  Want to own what’s in that picture? (yes!  both items!)  You can!  All you need to do is enter her contest and you’ll win a chance.   Good luck!

That Popping Noise You Heard…?

…was my head exploding.  I cannot believe the turnout for this contest!!  Thanks to Carole, Cookie, Margene, Chris, Birdsong, Sairy, Anne and several AWESOME others who blogged, tweeted, plurked and posted on FaceBook we ended up with…brace yourselves…

696 entries.


Unprecedented on this here little bliggity blog.  THANK you ALL for making this one of the best birthday blowouts I’ve had!!

Now, on to why your *really* here today… ;op

The Winners!!

As I replied to all the comments, I entered names, doubled names if they said what bag they liked, entered the name of who sent them, entered if they tweeted, etc.  After all the thanks and the good luck’s were done and entered into my spreadsheet, (yes, I typed them all in, all the while thanking Bill Gates and his minions that they gave Excel the ability to remember previously entered information) I used the number generator from Random.org, told it to pull three numbers between 1 and 696 and it spit out:


Which makes winner number 1:


Sprite!!  woo!! Congrats!!  You won a bag of your choice from what is currently listed in the shop!

Next up, winner number 2:


Cookie!!  woo!!  Congrats!!  You won a skein of your choice from what I have spun during TDF 2009…I’ll make sure to stain it with my tears before I send it on…(or you can pick a bag, whichever floats your boat. ;o) )

Last but certainly not least, winner number 3:


Carole!!  woo!!  Congrats!!  You have won a bag of your choice from what is currently listed in the shop!  (Even with broken RSS feeds (no thanks to her good for nothing friend who clicks stuff that should be left alone *cough*thatwouldbeme*cough* she sent about a billionty people over here.  Definitely the same number as Margene though.  *ahem*)

Thank you all again for playing!!!  You guys made it an AWESOME birthday – my inbox and my twitter exploded!!  yay!  ;o)  If you are going to Sock Summit, please make sure you stop by Karin’s booth (The Periwinkle Sheep #800) to say hi to my bags and her yarn!!  FYI – my shop will be closed that weekend so the only place you can buy my bags during SS is AT SS but it will open again bright and early Monday morning after the convention!

So…now that my arms are going to fall off from all that typing?  I’m going to go spin some more for the Tour…I have to give Cookie a good selection from which to rip my heart out choose! ;op


Did you hear?

My bags?  Are going to Sock Summit.  How FREAKING cool is that?  ;o)

On Monday I received an email from my friend Karin (of The Periwinkle Sheep – gorgeous yarn!) who is vending at Sock Summit, asking me if I’d like to send some of my bags with her for her to sell in her booth.  I immediately replied, “YES, PLEASE!” and went to acquire permission from the powers that be over at the Sock Summit site.  I didn’t let myself get excited until I heard back from them, I was afraid I’d jinx it.  When I got the email, I admit, I may have yelled a bit and possibly jumped up and down a bit…I know I scared the dogs and RR a bit.  ;o)  (and now that RR knows what Sock Summit is, he is very excited for me, hehe)

How awesome is Karin?  ;o)  Go ahead, tell her how awesome she is, I’ll wait.  Make sure you come back, k?  Because I have more…and it’s kinda big…you back?  ok good.

SO if you are going to Sock Summit and are wandering around the marketplace, stop by booth #800 and say hello to my bags for me, k?  ;o))  and buy a bag and some yarn from Karin, because she’s AWESOME.

Because I’m so happy about this (and because today is my birthday so I can pretty much do whatever I want as long as it’s legal) and because I’ve hit my 100 sales mark AND my 200 hearts mark on my Etsy shop (!) I’m giving away a bag. Of your choice from the shop listings.  A Stitched by JessaLu bag all for your very own!  Yay!  Here are a few of my new fabric choices that will be up in the shop by the end of the week:

New Stitches...

All you need to do is leave a comment on this post before Midnight on Thursday.  I will pull a name and announce the winner on Friday Monday the 20th.  I’m sorry guys but I need a couple days to get all your entries into the spreadsheet! (or do a random number generator thingy, we’ll see how many entries we have, k?  That whole paper slip thing last time about killed me.)

Want another chance?  Tell your friends!  For every comment that mentions who sent them, you get another chance!  AND, just because I love my Twitter, if you tweet you get ANOTHER chance!  So, to break it down:

Comment on this post = one chance in the drawing.

Include which bag is your favorite in your comments = one more chance in the drawing. (you can link to the listing or just name the pattern from the listing, whichever is easiest for you.  This doesn’t have to be your prize choice, just which one you like *today*)

Send your friends = one chance for every mention of your name in the comments

Twitter = another chance in the drawing (please put a link to the contest page and #stitchedbyjessalu or #SbJL in your tweet so I can find it!) (this is limited to 1 3 tweets per person but if you get people here saying your name you get more chances!)

AND…here’s a biggie…if we get more than 100 comments on this post?  There will be a second prize. The second prize will be….

…your choice of a skein of what I have spun during the Tour de Fleece 2009.  Even if I love it and don’t want to give it up, if you want it and you won the drawing for it, it’ll be yours.  It may be stained with my tears, but it’ll be yours.  ;o))

Good luck everyone!!!

ETA:  Monday will be the prize announcements, holy crap guys!  You’re awesome! 200+ comments so far!!!  This means…

I’m adding another prize!!!  BAG NUMBER TWO is now up for grabs! You can now win a chance for a second bag of your choice from what is listed in the shop!

I also added two more tweet allowances so if you’ve tweeted once, you can do it 2 more times – if you haven’t at all, you have three shots to get more people here through your twitter!  Just remember to use either #SbJL or #stitchedbyjessalu so I can find you!

…and THANK YOU!!  :o)

ETA Midnight Thursday: Comments are now closed!  Thanks for playing, a winner will be announced on Monday, July 20th – good luck!!