Still, wow.

…I’ve had all weekend to let it sink in and I’m still blown away by the response to my contest. This didn’t help:

With double entries plus all the extra entries for people who sent their friends

That is (from what I am told) an imperial buttload of entries to my ‘woo tax season is over’ contest which were printed, cut and folded by me (since RR had a pyrotechnic meeting on Sunday and Dobby had something important to do so I was home alone), in the biggest container I could find that was clean. (The names of the winners are hard to read in the small photos but if you click on the little picture, you can see the winner clearly in the big one – you can also wait until the whole page loads then click on the first photo and you can click through all the photos in lightbox by hovering over the right side of the picture. Waiting for the entire page to load is key to the magic!)

Shall we get to it? First, the mixing…

Winner Number 1:

she had 51 entries, not surprising that she won something. ;o)

…then the tossing:


Winner Number 2 (isnt’ this exciting?):

…then mixing and tossing:

Finally, last but not least, winner number 3:

Congratulations to you all! I’m really sorry I couldn’t give a prize to everyone who entered – which is always how I feel after a contest – but I promise you there will be more chances to win coming up in a few months. (just don’t tell RR, okay?)

For the winners: please email me at jessalu{at}gmail{dot}cahm and let me know your mailing address, whether you would like sock yarn to knit or roving to spin and a color preference and/or allergy consideration OR a Stitched by JessaLu box bag (yep! I decided to make bags an option – please check out my etsy gallery page and tell me what you like) and I’ll get your prize package out to you as soon as possible.

Thanks to you all for playing!


Did anybody get the number of that bus?  The one that just smacked me sideways?  ;o)

On Wednesday, I started out with the idea of a little contest to celebrate the end of my personal hell that is tax season and ended up completely blown away.  I woke up early yesterday morning with 22 comments clamoring for moderation, by 11am I had over 100 with almost 300 hits, by 3pm?  I had what I believe constitutes an official buttload.

I believe yesterday I hit a trifecta (or the trifecta hit me, not sure which, hehe).  Margene, Chris and Cookie all linked to me (among others and I thank you all for the linky goodness) and all you wonderful commenters did a great job adding to the party that I was throwing!  I’m hoping that I’ve made a few new blog friends and I *know* I found a few new blogs that I’ll be visiting now that I have nothing to do since most of my clients are handled for the year (har har).  ;o)

Now, I thought I’d be able to post the winner today.  HOWEVER, I’m used to handling 50 comments at the most with one of my contests, so since I have 178 (WOW.  Still, wow.) to contend with as well as well as counting the extra entries, etc. I’m going to ask for a continuation to Monday the 20th.  I promise, I’ll have winners posted bright and early.

In case you’re wondering, OF COURSE I’m giving away three prizes!!  How could I not?  We didn’t make it to 200 comments but 178 isn’t a disappointment, not by a long shot!

In the meantime, THANK YOU ALL!!  You gave me a fantabulous, awesome day, I have NEVER had so many comments and hits and I LOVED every second!

Now, look at this pretty flower (it’s actually either a hen or a chick from my patch of chicks n hens in the yard under the macro filter):

Hens and Chicks

and this rosebush just starting to wake up after it’s winter nap:

Rosebush budding...

…and have a great weekend!


…and I’m so happy, I’m going to give away yarn.

I’m officially done with tax season!  I filed Dobby’s return this morning – yeah I know I said I’d send it out but I decided to be nice and save her the $$ the CPA would have charged…I have yet to hear a thank you, btw.  Next year she can pay the CPA and scream at HIM – so I’m DONE.

This has gotten me into one of the best moods I’ve been in for a while…well, since January anyway…which has made me want to share the joy.  Leave a comment on this post before Midnight tomorrow night and you’ll be entered into a drawing for either a skein of sock yarn OR a hank o’ roving, your choice.  In fact, tell your friends and have them mention you sent them in their comment and you’ll get another entry for each person who mentions you.  I seriously want to break records with this one!  ;o))  How about this, if we get more than 50 comments, EVERYONE will get a second chance and dangit I might just give away a second prize!  (yep, I’m in that good of a mood!)  Good luck to everyone!

I’m throwing in a picture of the daffodils blooming outside my office window to help cheer it up around here a bit:

Daffodils outside my window...

ETA:  New goal!  If we make it to 200 comments?  I’m giving away handspun.  ;o)  Yes, that’s on top of everything else I promised up there ^ so that makes three prizes up for grabs (and can I say?  Holy crap I think my database is going to go all splodey!  Good thing I’m a bookkeeper so I can keep track of all these extra entries!)  ;o))

ETAA:  Comments are now closed – THANK YOU all for playing!!  Winners will be posted on Monday, April 20th.