Fox Grape Leyburn Socks

I’ve finished the April socks for my 2009 Personal Sock Club and I’m completely smitten with them.

Fox Grape Leyburn Socks - Leg

I did not follow the Leyburn pattern for the toes or the heel.  I used the Magic Cast on for the toe and Wendy’s Toe-Up Sock with a Difference (PDF link) heel recipe for the heel.

Fox Grape Leyburn Socks - Heel

The heel I chose begins the gusset increases in the middle of the bottom of the foot which I thought looked pretty cool.  The only thing I didn’t like about it was it took me for-freaking-ever to do the heels.  If I didn’t have such fat heels (or high insteps – whichever), I’d have done the regular short row heel like the pattern directs.

I am so totally loving these socks – I’ve worn them for three days.  I should probably take them off and wash them eventually… ;o)

Project Details:

Pattern: Leyburn Socks [Rav Link]

Yarn: Autumn House Farms Strideaway Sock Yarn in the colorway ‘Fox Grape’ purchased Rhinebeck 2007

Needles: Knitpicks 2.5mm circs

Started April 2 – Finished April 19, 2009

When I finished these on Sunday I had no plan whatsoever in place for what was going to be up next.  Sure I have a ton of WIP’s but most of them are socks and I wanted to do something that wasn’t on leetle tiny needles for a change.  It took me a day but I decided…

Lady Eleanor - the beginning

I’m on tier 3 and loving it – got the hang of backwards knitting too.  ;o)

Ten on Tuesday…

…the one with the ten signs you’re getting older:

1.  I actually *want* to watch the evening news.

2.  I used to go out almost every weekend and dance, drink, etc.  Now?  PJ’s and a movie, thankyouverymuch.  (I also used to date a guy in a band which led to the going out dancing, etc.  *ahem*)

3.  I used to be able to drink a buttload of alcohol and not have it effect me in the slightest.  Now?  If I order a second cosmo when we’re out for dinner the bartender (who is also a friend) looks at me hard and says, ‘are you SURE.’

4.  We always go to the same place for dinner…

5.  I actually want to get up before 10am and am pretty pissed off when I sleep in.

6.  My daughter is going to be 20 years old this year.

7.  If I bend down to pick something up, it takes me a solid minute to straighten up again.  Ohwait, that’s RR…hehe

8.  I can no longer fit all my wordly goods into my vehicle to make a quick getaway.  I can probably fit in most of it but I’d have to make a pretty difficult decision with regards to clothes vs. wheels.  ;o)

9.  My daughter?  Did I mention this?  Is going to be 20 this year.  I checked my insurance policy and guess what?  I’ve been DRIVING for 20 years.  I need a drink.  Wait.  I can’t drink any more.  *sigh*

10.  I used to be able to drink caffeine at any hour of the day.  Now, if I don’t drink decaf after 4pm I’m up until 3am shaking like I have the DT’s and thinking of what I can clean that’s quiet and won’t wake the house.

That’s it, it was harder to get to 10 than I thought it would be!

A quick knitting update – after ripping and reknitting three inches of the leg on the first Leyburn sock for two. days.  I realized what stupid thing I was doing wrong (picking up the float with the wrong needle) and I managed to finish it on Sunday night.  I am now halfway through the foot on the second sock and am pretty hopeful I might finish this pair before the end of the month.  ;o)  No pictures since it’s kind of boring at this point and I’d rather wait for the ‘big reveal’  ;op

So Far…

…the April socks are agreeing with me – or I’m agreeing with the socks, not sure which. ;o)

Progress on my April Sock...

I pulled the bag on Friday and couldn’t wait to take pictures to cast on.  The yarn is Autumn House Farms Strideaway Sock yarn in Fox Grape purchased at Rhinebeck ’07 and the pattern is the Leyburn pattern by MintyFresh (Rav link over thataway —>).  It’s possible I *might* finish these by the end of the month.  We’ll see.  ;o)

In other literary news, I have photographic proof that if you make a book into a comic book/graphic novel, just about anyone will read it:

P&amp ;P

I know! ;op

p.s. what do you think of the latest theme?  I decided I hated the bird after I signed up for twitter and saw the bird everywhere.  It’s a work in progress so things might look wonky from time to time.

p.p.s.  I’ve reached a milestone in the shop!  As of Saturday, I sold 50 bags!  I know!!! I may have squee’d a bit but I’ll never tell.  *grin*