I’m liking this…

…sock club thing.  ;o)  I picked my March bag and am pretty darned happy with it:

Personal Sock Club 2009 - March

Charade pattern [rav link] paired with Shibui Sock in ‘Pebble’ (I think…all it has on the band is a number but tLE had it listed as a colorway and I’m pretty sure it was pebble…)

As soon as I have five minutes I’ll get them on the needles!  Have a great weekend, everyone!


…not finished in February, as I would have liked, but finished nonetheless.  ;o)

Mad Color Weave - done!

Mad Color Weave Socks - side view

Mad Color Weave Socks - the heel

Details [raveled]:

Pattern: Mad Color Weave

Needles: Size 1.5 Knitpicks circs

Yarn: Black Bunny Fibers sock yarn in the Rosebush colorway

Mods: I did eight repeats of the pattern on the leg instead of six.

Started: February 4, 2009

Finished: March 4, 2009

These are my February Personal Sock Club 2009 socks.

I *heart* these socks!  This is the first time I’ve done a heel with a cable that traveled down the side and I really like how it looks.  The pattern was really easy to remember – but I did use my iphone counter-thingy to keep track of what row I was on just in case.

Up next?  My March socks…I haven’t pulled the bag yet, I can’t wait to see what I pick!