Bandwagon? Table for one…

Yep, I jumped on again. It seems to be a habit for me – I like to play the cool aloof knitter but the ‘pattern of the moment’ always seems to make its way onto my needles.

Anyway, I promised to show you what’s in the bag:

Spring Forward Sock

The Spring Forward socks [raveled] seem to go almost as quickly as the Monkey socks, it has somewhat the same amount of rows in the pattern repeat (20 for SF only 10 are one way and 10 are reversed…does that make sense?) so you’ll be going along and think, “well, I can finish the last five rows of this repeat” and then you get there and you think, “well, I can do the next 10 rows since the last 5 went so quickly” and before you know it, you’re at the heel.

Which, on this pair of socks, I’ve knit two times so far since I hated the first one so much I couldn’t live with it. The first heel was a regular slip-stitch flap heel (with no give) and the second is a modified partial-flap short-row sherman heel (with no holes and lots of give for my fat ankles – yes, cookie, I said they’re fat. shut up. ;op) which makes me *way* happier than the original heel. It also uses way less yarn so hopefully I won’t run out before I hit the toe… ;o)

Spring Forward Sock

Also, thank you all for your nice comments on my bags – wonky and otherwise – they are very much appreciated!  I’ve had a couple of people ask if I’ll be selling them and while it’s something I’ve considered doing, I’d have to make a significant upgrade regarding what I use to sew them together, which isn’t going to happen anytime soon.  You see, for my regular ‘everyday’ sewing, I use a c1938 Singer model 15-91 which doesn’t do zig zag stitch easily (it does go backwards, thank the GSD, unlike my other antique Singer which only knows forward stitching) and from what I’ve gathered, I need to be able to use a serger or zig zag stitching on the inside corner seams in order to have a nice clean bag on the inside.  I just don’t feel comfortable selling something that isn’t 100% up to my own standards so for now, the bags will have to stay on the sidelines.  However, If you know anyone who has the zig zag attachment for an antique Singer drop me an email…we’ll talk.  ;o)

In other knitting news, how about I share what I purchased from the Loopy Ewe for my birthday.  I used the two gift certificates gifted to me by my ‘rents and my sister:

Sakina Needles: Fruit Salad
CTH - Blueberry Hill
Chewy Spaghetti: Sultry

CTH - Champlain Sunset
Indie Dyer - Cactus Flower
NN Toasty - Blackberry Jam

As usual, click to see the ‘magic’! ;o)

Another birthday gift I received?  Four of these:

Happy Birthday to Me...

Not as fuzzy, but hopefully they’ll help with the lovely swaying sensation I experience while the camper is being towed.  I’ll do anything to keep from puking (vomit free since ’03!), even spending yarn $$ on tires.

I also received the new Civ IV for the DS from Dobby and Whipping Boy and a new computer mouse from RR that has the cool new micro receiver thingy and a table for my laptop.  The mouse?  Love. it.  The man knows the second best way to my heart – technology.  ;o)

What am I doing for SOS 08?

Why, sewing box bags, of course. ;o) You know, in order to be a productive SOS sock knitter, you need a pretty bag to put the sock *in*.

Prior to leaving for our overnight camping trip, I decided that I absolutely had to have a new project bag. Didn’t matter that I needed to pack a camper or air out a camper or check to see if a camper was registered (it wasn’t, but that’s another story for another day), I needed a bag and I needed it right. now.

My first attempt was a bit on the wonky side:


Please ignore the computer desk mess…

I didn’t notice how wonky until after I had cut off the excess fabric from boxing the corners which means…there’s pretty much no fixing this bag.  This is how it’s going to look until I have a sewing epiphany and figure out how to make it less…special.

My second attempt came out way better:


See?  No wonky-ness.  This is the bag that I’ve been schlepping since Friday – it even went to Six Flags on Monday.  Want to see what’s in it?

Well…you’ll have to wait.  ;op

p.s.  Thank you for all the lovely birthday wishes!  This has been the best year by far between Plurk wishes, blog wishes and Ravelry wishes.  You all made my day  :o))

Oh yeah, Knitting…

…I do that.

I wanted to share what is currently at the top of the WIP heap:

Elfine Socks

Elfine’s Socks [raveled] knit in Shibui Sock – I’m up to the ankle and having a helluva time getting the pattern to fall into place. Right now I’m two stitches off and ready to light the entire pile on fire. Good thing I like the Shibui too much to torch it – although, I will be making things go boom on Friday and I will have a flare in hand and who knows? Something might slip… ;op

Tessarae Socks

I’m also working on a pair of Tesserae Socks [raveled] in Sereknity Options superwash. This colorway is ‘Vineyard’ and I am totally in love with it. The pattern is working out well, too. These socks have nothing to worry about. ;o)

Both of these projects are my current contributions to Summer of Socks ’08 [rav group].  I’m actually knitting socks this time around and not just helping read blogs!  Yay!  hehe