I decided to do something a little different with my spinning this time around. I’m going to attempt a ‘mashup’ of two colorways:

Into the Whirled - Winterfell+Maestro

On the Left is Winterfell, on the Right is Maestro. Both from Into the Whirled and both Targhee

I’ve never done this before, I’m really looking forward to seeing what these two colorways will look like when plyed together!

How about you? Have you ever thought about trying or have you tried this mashup technique?

Stained Glass

The color of this yarn was not very cooperative – these photos reflect the colors much better than the ‘on-the-bobbin’ photo.

I’ve noticed lately that some new spinners think that you need to have a perfectly balanced skein of yarn when you unwind from your bobbin. Unless you are going for a very loose twist and you aren’t using your yarn for socks, this is not the correct way to be going about things. Sock yarn – or any yarn you plan on using in an item that will get a lot of wear – needs a lot of twist to be hardy and to withstand all that rubbing that goes on underneath your foot while you are walking around.

For example, this is what my yarn looks like when it first comes off my bobbin:


See how it still has some extra twist? I didn’t photograph it but that whole skein just wrapped around itself to the left when I took it off the skeinwinder and the yarn was twisting back on itself like nobody’s business. I went and threw it into a bath of hot water (yep, HOT. As long as you don’t agitate it, you’ll be fine) and some Eucalan:

Spa time

and let it sit in there until the water had cooled – actually, I think with this I let it sit until I noticed that the water color had darkened and I became nervous that it was going to mess up the yellows in the skein so I took it out and let it sit in my salad spinner until it cooled off. Then I rinsed it with cool water (because the soak water had become blue) spun it out and thwacked it (hit it against the side of my tub a few times) and after it was dry, it was a lovely, balanced, sproingy skein of someday-sock yarn:


That concludes my PSA about handspun without enough twist. ;o) Go forth and be twisty!


I do that from time to time. ;o)

This weekend I had some friends over for a spin-in (something that I plan on doing every month) and, while chatting and laughing and having a good time, I managed to chain ply 4oz of Frabjous Fibers Merino in Stained Glass:

Frabjous Fibers - Stained Glass

I promise to have better pictures and more details after it’s skeined and had a bath.

I also just realized that I haven’t blogged about my new wheel! I bought myself a Schacht Matchless last fall from Amy and picked it up when I dropped off bags to her at SOAR. No name for her, just ‘The Matchless’ and I’m so very happy to finally own my dream wheel, the wheel I’ve wanted since I first started spinning.

I didn’t touch the sweater this weekend, but I did get it past the sleeve separation last week so there is progress!