According to…

…Laurie, I’m honest and scrappy.  Thanks, Laurie!


Since RR and I are in Maine for a few days, Jazz will be accepting this award on my behalf.  The Rules, according to Wes (Laurie’s kitty) are:

The Honest Scrap Award means you must say ten honest things about yourself.

Okie doke.


The world according to Jazz:

1.  I have an evil twin and it lives in the fireplace.  No one can convince me otherwise and one of these days my frantic barking will force this evilness into hiding never to be seen again.

2.  Cookies are nummy.

3.  I like baths – no, really, I do.  Except the part where I get wet.  That part sucks, but when Momma says it’s bathtime I *really* like it cuz she makes it sound so exciting!

4.  Momma uses a dremel to give me a mani/pedi and I don’t mind at all.  My sister (Beanie – not Dobby) hates it but I just lay on my back and watch TV ’til it’s all over.

5.  My sister (Beanie – not Dobby) doesn’t like me much, she chases me all the time and when I don’t come in right away when Momma first calls me, she waits by the door and growls REALLY LOUD at me when I come in.

6.  I like to chew yarn…it’s soft and fuzzy.  I especially like the stuff that has cash in it…or is it mere…maybe both?  Cashmere?  Yeah, that’s my favorite.  Momma says it’s lucky I’m cute whenever she catches me – does anyone know what exactly that means?

7.  Cookies are nummy.  Do you have any cookies?

8.  I love my chew bone…it’s nummy.  But not as nummy as cookies.  Do you have any cookies?

9.  When I have to go in the crate, my people turn up the radio REALLY LOUD.  Can someone please tell them that I don’t like NPR and would like classic rock once in a while?  thx.

10.  Uhm…did someone say I’d get a cookie for making a list?  I’m pretty sure I heard someone say there’d be cookies by now.

11.  I’m hungry.

After all of the honesty, you pass it along to seven others.

Well, I just tagged people to do the ‘Moment in Time’ meme so I don’t think I’m going to tag anyone specifically.  How about this, if you’re reading this?  You’re tagged.  ;o)

See you Wednesday!


…what did you think? (ETA: I fixed the link to Kelli’s blog – sorry about that! Don’t take away my award, k? *grin*)

I just finished watching tonight’s ‘Mansfield Park’ – this week’s installment of ‘The complete Jane Austen’ on PBS. I’m not sure if I like it or hate it or am just ‘meh’ about it. Mostly, I had trouble getting over Billie Piper portraying Fanny. I kept expecting The Doctor to pop out from behind a shrubbery to whisk her away to the Tardis for a fun time-travel adventure where they save the world from the Daleks. Also, if she had picked a color other than purple, do you think Edmund would still have realized that he had fallen in love with her? ;o)

Next week is ‘Jane Austen Regrets’ and the actress who will be playing Jane is none other than Olivia Williams who played Jane Fairfax in the 1996 version of Emma. Which I own and watched again today (RR’s getting a little sick of all the period romance and can’t wait for NASCAR to start up so he can get a good hit of testosterone. I think I saw his eyes actually glaze over tonight, poor guy). Hopefully I won’t get all confused about which Jane is which – with my memory, I may have to take notes. ;o)

If you’ve been watching the series, please let me know what you think of it so far – I’d love to hear your opinion!

In knitting news, I’ve completed the back of the CPH and cast on the Left Front. Moving right along! :o) Also, my Aunt received her socks on Saturday and loves them – AND they’re not itchy! HA! ;o)

In blogging news, waaaay back in November, Kelli aka Knitterbunny nominated me for a Nice Matters award! It is very much appreciated and I am very sorry that I didn’t’ have a chance to mention it before now. Part of being nominated is getting to pass the award on – so, now I get to choose seven blogs from my Google Reader list to nominate.

This is no easy task. It’s not that I can’t find a nice blogger – it’s that I find too many nice bloggers! I went through my list a few times and narrowed it down. I went with Kelli’s example and tried to choose bloggers who take a moment to respond to comments. It really is important – at least, it is to me. It was one of the main reasons why I chose to self-host and use WordPress – so I could respond to each comment individually, even if only to say, “Thanks!” ;o)

So, without further ado:

Betty – Elizzabetty Knits

Cynthia -Cygknit

Heide – Serendipitous Opportuknitty

Karen – Needles and Wool

Kathy – Knitigator

Katy – Knitterpated

Ragan – Ragan Knits

I wish I could have chosen more recipients! Thanks again, Kelli, for nominating me – I’m very honored! :o)

If I take too long to say ‘Thank you’…

…do I lose the award? ;o)

WAAAAY back in November (before the Xmess nightmare and the Tax Season nightmare), Madame Purl gave me an award! Me!

It’s the ‘You Make Me Smile’ award – and I am very flattered to be named in her list. I am now supposed to name 10 blogs that make me smile so here goes (in alphabetical order):

Carole – Carole Knits

-Deb – Chappy’s Mom

Jessie – What Housework?

Kelly – Gabby Knitter

Kristi – Fiber Fool

Laurie – Lorenzo Knits a Tomato

Nora – Black Dog Knits

Risa – One Crazy Fiber Lady

Sandy – Sandy’s Knitting

Scout – Scout’s Swag

There are many more, trust me. My Google Reader has over 300 feeds and it was hard to narrow it down. I’m sorry if you didn’t make the list. :o( Feel free to comment on your favorite blogs that make you smile – I love adding to my RSS list!

Thank you again, M. Purl, I will endeavor to continue to make everyone smile on this here blog (I can’t guarantee it IRL, though, since I seem to ruin Dobby’s life in a regular basis. ’tis my job, you see *grin*)

Coming soon – another CPH update! With pictures! Another award! (They LIKE me!) Oh, and spinning, too!