Friday’s Eye Candy…

…on Tuesday.  ;o)

I just couldn’t get it together to post this on Friday (or, apparently, on Monday) but I don’t think you’ll mind since it’s a pretty.  ;o)  Here is the handspun I produced while at WOOL:

Tibetan Dreams Handspun

This is Tibetan Dreams from Crown Mountain Farms (very old colorway, from when Teyani was still dyeing for them), 428 yards, 2-ply fingering weight.  I spun the singles prior to WOOL and plied it on Risa’s electric spinner while there.  ;o)  This hank is ginormous!  Almost as big as my HEAD!

Orchard Handspun

This is Orchard from Spunky Eclectic, Merino/Silk, 250ish yards, 2-ply DK weight.  I finished spinning the singles at WOOL and then plied from a center pull ball while there.

Grand Opening Handspun

Last but not least we have Grand Opening from Spunky Eclectic, Superwash Merino, 236 yards, Navajo plied DK weight.  I spun these singles prior to WOOL on Emma (my Symphony) and plied them while there.

I did a heckuva lot of plying while at WOOL, can ya tell? ;o)

WOOL 2009…

…was a much needed vacation.  I have one picture that sums up the fibery portion:

Spinning on Lake George

and one that sums up the rest:

The Infamous Fun-Fur Coconut Bra

Yes, that is a fun-fur bra.  Absolutely hi-lar-ious.  (identities have been concealed to protect the no-so-innocent.  ;op)

That’s all for now, I’m working on a shop update and waiting for an update to find out how my bags did at Sock Summit!  I hope you all had a great weekend!